Native name: Αντίμηλος

View from Milos in August 2014.
Coordinates 36°47′N 24°14′E / 36.79°N 24.24°E / 36.79; 24.24Coordinates: 36°47′N 24°14′E / 36.79°N 24.24°E / 36.79; 24.24
Archipelago Cyclades
Highest elevation 671 m (2,201 ft)
Region South Aegean
Regional unit Milos
Population 0 (2001)

Antimilos (Greek: Αντίμηλος) is a Greek island in the Cyclades, 13 miles (21 kilometres) northwest of Milos. Administratively, it is part of the municipality of Milos. Antimilos is an uninhabited mass of trachyte (671 m height), often called Erimomilos (Desert Milos). It is a volcanic island and the crater is still obvious. Ancient inhabitants transformed the crater to an open rain tank. On the island lives a rare variation of the common goat called Capra aegagrus pictus. It is similar but not the same as the Cretan goat known as "kri-kri" (Capra aegagrus creticus).

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