Native name: Γαϊδουρονήσι
Coordinates 34°52′17″N 25°42′12″E / 34.87139°N 25.70333°E / 34.87139; 25.70333Coordinates: 34°52′17″N 25°42′12″E / 34.87139°N 25.70333°E / 34.87139; 25.70333
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Region Crete
Regional unit Chania
Population 0 (2001)

Gaidouronisi (Greek: Γαϊδουρονήσι), is a small island off the southern coast of Crete, roughly 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) directly south of the city of Ierapetra, in the Libyan Sea.[1] Administratively, it is located within the municipality of Ierapetra, in [Lasithi(regional unit)]. It contains a small church and harbour on its northwestern coast, Ekklisia Agios Nikolaos. The island is also known as Chrisi.[1] During the summer months, excursion boats from Ierapetra leave the quay every morning and return in the afternoon.[2][3]

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