Ammoudi tous Volakous

Ammoudi tous Volakous
Native name: Αμμούδι τους Βολάκους
Coordinates 35°11′32″N 24°08′36″E / 35.19222°N 24.14333°E / 35.19222; 24.14333Coordinates: 35°11′32″N 24°08′36″E / 35.19222°N 24.14333°E / 35.19222; 24.14333
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Region Crete
Regional unit Chania
Population 0 (2001)

Ammoudi tous Volakous (Greek: Αμμούδι τους Βολάκους, "sandy beach of the rocks") is an uninhabited islet to the south of the western coast of Crete in the Libyan Sea. Just south of Sfakia it is within Sfakia's administration, in Chania regional unit.

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