Horrible Histories Battle Arena

Horrible Histories Battle Arena is an action figure battle toy released in 2013, which part of the Horrible Histories franchise.[1] A series of YouTube videos which include battle strategies and gameplay tips have been released to the HHToys channel.[2]


The Horrible Histories website explains: "Players must place troops ready for battle and aim their pigs wisely. The exploding pillars hold a platform for your Leader to oversee his troops. If the Leader falls three times the game ends. There are also unique powerful Game Cards that bring the most beastly battle tactics into play...The Battle Arena comes in two sections, each with pillars that explode if hit by flying pig ammo".[3] Flying pigs serve as ammunition in the game. Each era has its own unique tactics that can be utilised in the game. For instance, "an Egyptian army can bring back their dead with the embalming tomb" and "the Roman army can steal opponents dead and turn them into mighty gladiators in the jail".[4]


Burley Express said "The Horrible Histories Battle Arena is the perfect compromise and allows boys and girls of different ages have fun together. Its full of explosions, gruesome and gory moves and some excellent and sneaky battle tactics."[5][6]


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