Horrible Histories: Blitzed Brits

Blitzed Brits[1] (aka Woeful Second World War) is a 2009 stage show, which is part of the "Live on Stage" series in the Horrible Histories franchise. The show was created by the Birmingham Stage Company, and was released alongside Frightful First World War as "Horrible Histories World Wars".[2] The show was written by Terry Deary, adapted by Phil Clarke, and directed by Phil Clark. Its original cast included: Perry Lambert, Matthew Schmolle, Ciaran McConville, and Laura Dalgleish. The design and screen illustrations are by Phil Clark and Jaqueline Trousdale, while the 3D special effects are by Amazing Interactives. Its running time was 1hr 50mins.[3]


In 2009 Terry wrote two new plays for the Birmingham Stage Company to tour Blitzed Brits and Frightful First World War.[4][5]


The Press explains: "Horrible Histories: Woeful Second World War...is based on one of Terry’s Gory Stories novels, Blackout In The Blitz, wherein he combines the German blitz of Coventry with the exploitation and bullying of evacuee children in Wales and the running of a meat black market."[6]


The Spark Children's Art Festival describes the plot thus: "From the brutal Blitz to the soggy shelters, join young Alf and Sally as they are evacuated to darkest Wales, where they deal with rotten rations, scary schools and new parents! But the bombers are on their way so be sure to take cover!".[7]


The Stage said "There’s lots of songs of the period to jolly the pace along...There are excellent performances too...This exciting story is told against a series of cleverly changing backgrounds".[8] Essex Chronicle notes "The Woeful Second World War didn't work so well. Hitler and the Holocaust are hardly ideal subject matter for primary schools and with this in mind, they play it safe".[9]


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