Horrible Histories: Nottingham

Horrible Histories: Nottingham is a 2008 stage show which is part of the Horrible Histories franchise. It premiered at Nottingham's Theatre Royal on 12 June 2008.[1][2] It was put on by the Birmingham Stage Company,[3][4] and was "specifically about the history of Nottingham."[5] The director was Phil Clark, the producer was Neal Foster, and Rachel Watkinson played the role of Ella.[6][7]


LeftLion explains that the "play has a cast of two and the set consists solely of a wagon and some props."[2]

Neal Foster of the Birmingham Stage Company said: "Terry Deary has drawn together all the different stories and the famous legend of the city into a delicious hour of history with the nasty bits left in! I think that is what is so special and new about it".[7]

Extracts from Horrible Histories Nottingham were read on the Upper Circle foyer of the Theatre Royal, during the Robin of Sherwood event on 26 July 2008.[8]


The play is about the history of Nottingham, including figures such as Robin Hood. It "provide[s] a foul but fascinating tour of the city’s savage sites, from the rotten Romans to the vile Victorians".[9]


LeftLion wrote: "There are three things I can’t stand when I watch a play. Overly bubbly actors, prop gags and horror of horrors, audience participation. Which is why I don’t really understand why I enjoyed this play despite the fact that it contained all three." The site added: "Truly great children’s plays entertain the parents just as much as the kids. This one missed the mark slightly...If the jokes in the script were rubbish, the actual history more than made up for it."[2]


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