Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks

Poster to the show.

Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks is a 2015 stage show by The Birmingham Stage Company.[1] It is a double bill with Horrible Histories: Incredible Invaders. It has played in theatres such as at Theatre Royal, Brighton,[2] The Mayflower,[3] and Royal & Derngate.[4] The show combined actors and 3D Bogglevision special effects.[5]


The show was written and directed by Neal Foster.[5] Foster had a "hugely exciting time" bringing the Horrible Histories book to life.[6] Horrible Histories book author Terry Deary guest starred as Zeus,[7][8] using pre-recorded vocals that were played in various productions.[9] A spokesperson from the show said that it was a solution to the age-old problem: ""We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!".[10]


The show included storylines such as Paris and Troy, the defeat of the Persians, the establishment of democracy, an introduction to the Greek Gods, and the first Olympic Games.[2]

Critical reception

York Press described the humour as "brilliantly irreverent and madcap", likening it to The Simpsons and Reeves & Mortimer.[11] Northhampton Herald & Post thought the show was an "exciting way to introduce history to the young".[4] Hampshire Chronicle deemed the show "Fast-paced, irreverent and very, very funny".[12] Cambridge News said the Horrible Histories stage shows were "always excellent", and thought Groovy Greeks was a prime example.[13] Blackpool Gazette said the show was "perfectly-pitched family fun".[14] Chelmsford Weekly News said the " main themes [were] cleverly presented in the style of our favourite tv shows".[15] South Wales Echo deemed it "exciting" and "unique".[16] Western Mail praised the show for being highly educational and entertaining simultaneously.[17]


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