Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War (stage show)

Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War is a 2009 stage show, which is part of the "Live on Stage" series in the Horrible Histories franchise. The show was created by the Birmingham Stage Company, and was released alongside Woeful Second World War - Blitzed Brits as "Horrible Histories World Wars" And his another book, callen "The Woeful Second World War" illustrated by Martin Brown.[1] It is written by Terry Deary and directed by Phil Clark. The Bogglevision was designed by Jacqueline Trousdale and Amazing Interactive.[2] Tom Lishman did the sound effects and Jason Taylor did the lighting.[3] The running time is approximately 110 minutes.[4] Its originally cast consisted of Perry Lambert, Matthew Schmolle, Ciaran McConville, and Laura Dalgleish.[3]


In 2009 Terry wrote two new plays for the Birmingham Stage Company to tour The Blitzed Brits and The Frightful First World War.[5][6]


The show's premise involves "[a] 13 year old Angelica Taylor who is sucked into the Horrible Histories website", who then proceeds to learn about the First World War.[1]


The Stage said "Punctuated with humour and audience participation, the important message remains clear and is punched home in the midst of battle. Yet another superb example of history brought vividly to life."[3] The Public Reviews said "Terry Deary’s script is laden with witty one-liners and jokes galore. There is also great audience participation." It added that the ‘Bogglevision’ "really immerses you into the action and is truly outstanding", and that the show had a "highly talented cast and a production that packs so much information and energy into a delightful two hours".[2] Essex Chronicle said "There is a deep poignancy to the ending of this instalment, with its cascade of poppies showering gently over us, and hopefully its message will resonate with young audiences for years to come."[7] The Times said "Horrible, yes, but thankfully not trivialised history."[8]


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