Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (stage show)

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans is a 2007 stage show, which is part of the "Live on Stage" series in the Horrible Histories franchise. The show was created by the Birmingham Stage Company. It was first produced at the Civic Theatre, Darlington 06 Feb 2007,[1] and later was staged at The Old Rep from 8 October 2013.[2]


The show was performed at the Dubai Community Theatre & Art Centre in October 2013. Founder Rania Kuzbari Ashur said: "I have been working with the Birmingham Stage Company since 2004. This is the fourth time we have brought a Horrible Histories play to the UAE, We brought Barmy Britain last year, which was a great success. Our first one was Victorian Traders in 2005."[3]


Themes of the play include: Roman emperors, gladiators, the Roman army, Roman Britain, and Spartacus.[4]


The show was nominated for Manchester Evening News Award for Best Special Entertainment.[5] Cambridge News said "Horrid, silly, yet clever and concise, The Ruthless Romans is like the best history lesson you can ever imagine".[6]


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