Fédération Internationale des Mouvements Catholiques d’Action Paroissiale
Abbreviation FIMCAP
Formation April 22, 1962 (1962-04-22)
Purpose International umbrella organization of catholic youth organizations
Headquarters Antwerpen,  Belgium
35 unions
James Dsouza
Lourdes B. Galeano Cuellar
continental chaplains
Evy Hoeben

The Fimcap, which is short for Fédération Internationale des Mouvements Catholiques d’Action Paroissiale (French for "International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements"), is an umbrella organization for Catholic youth organizations. It has got 36 member organizations who are based in 33 countries. The Fimcap was founded in 1962 and is recognised as an official catholic organization by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.[1] Fimcap is also a full member of the European Youth Forum.[2]


Already in 1959, French, Belgian and Dutch youth organizations had been working on the project of an international pooling. In 1960, the first delegate conference was held in Munich in the course of the 1960 Eucharistic Congress. In October 1961 eleven youth associations founded Fimcap. The foundation was proclaimed in public on Easter 1962.[3]

Since its recognition through the Holy See in 1976, the Fimcap is an "International Catholic Organization" (ICO) and registered at the Council of Laity in Rome.

Since 2006 the Fimcap is being recognised as International nongovernmental organization by the Belgian government.[4]


Activities in Europe[6]

Thematic work and positions

Fimcap is an international association of youth organizations for children, adolescents and young adults in all over the world. As young people, youth organizations and youth work are confronted with different challenges, Fimcap and its members work together politically to identify and advocate the interests of children, adolescents and young adults within church, society and politics; to guarantee and improve the quality youth work of our member organizations and FIMCAP and to participate in shaping the future world and society, preserve our planet for future generations and guarantee good conditions for future generations. FIMCAP sees sustainable and responsible planning and acting, fair social and economic chances, quality education, peace, charity and solidarity as elementary requirements to achieve this. This involvement is motivated by the Christian beliefs of FIMCAP and its members and the shared FIMCAP values.[10]

Fimcap Europe

Structure [20]

The highest gremium of the Fimcap is its General Assembly which comes together every three years. Every member organization sends a delegation to the General Assembly.

The administration and management of the Fimcap is being handled by the intercontinental presidium which consists of two presidents, a Praeses and a Secretary-General. The presidents should be one man and one woman, but if there are no candidats of one gender the jobs might also be given to two women or two men.

The intercontinental bureau (ICB) is composed of the Presidium and representatives of the Continental Conferences. It acts as the Fimcap’s Board of Directors.

Beneath these globally working establishments, the Fimcap is also structured into continental conferences, bureaus and presidiums.

Continental branches and member organizations

Organizations whose name is written in a bold form are founding members.

Fimcap Europe

Presidium of Fimcap Europe

The presidium of Fimcap Europe is elected by the delegates of the European member organizations of Fimap the EuroConference. The EuroConference takes place every three years. The presidium of Fimcap Europe consists of four members: the president, the vice-president, the activity coordinator and the spiritual assistant. The president is responsible for the representation of Fimcap Europe in the ICB, the vice-president for the external representation of Fimcap Europe, the activity coordinator for coordinating the activities of Fimcap Europe and helping the member organizations with the preparations and the spiritual assistant consults Fimcap Europe concerning spiritual and theological issues. The current members of the presidium of Fimcap Europe are:[21]

Position Name Member organization / Country
Vice-President Bernd Hirschberger KjG  Germany
Activity Coordinator Veronika Švitková eRko  Slovakia
Spiritual Assistant Fr Reuben Gauci ŻAK  Malta

Member organizations in Europe

Country Name Acronym Status
 Romania Asociația Grupurilor Locale de Tineret AGLT Associate
 Lithuania Ateitis Full
 Belgium Chirojeugd Vlaanderen Full
 Catalonia Coordinació Catalana CCCCCE Full
 Slovakia eRko – Hnutie kresťanských spoločenstiev detí eRko Full
 Italy Forum Oratori Italiani FOI Full
 Denmark /  Schleswig-Holstein Frivilligt Drenge- og Pige-Forbund FDF Associate
 the Netherlands Jong Nederland Full
  Switzerland Jungwacht Blauring JuBla Full
 Germany Katholische junge Gemeinde KjG Full
 Austria /
 South Tyrol
Katholische Jungschar Full
 Hungary Katolikus Ifjúsági Mozgalom KIM Observer
 Malta Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika ŻAK Full

Member organizations in Africa

Country Name Acronym Status
 Burundi Chiro Burundi Full
 South Africa /
 Lesotho /
Chiro South Africa Full
 Ghana Catholic Youth Organization Ghana CYO Ghana Full
 Nigeria Catholic Youth Organization Nigeria CYO Nigeria Full
 Sierra Leone Catholic Youth Organisation Sierra Leone CYO Sierra Leone Full
 DRC Kiro Congo KCD Full
 Namibia Namibian Catholic Youth League NaCaYul Full
 Burundi Xaveri Burundi Full
 DRC Xaveri Congo Full
 Rwanda Xaveri Rwanda Full
 South Africa Xaveri South Africa Full
 Uganda Xaveri Uganda Full

Member organizations in Asia

Country Name Acronym Status
 Philippines Chiro Youth Movement Philippines Full
 India Indian Catholic Youth Movement ICYM Full
 Sri Lanka Kithu Dana Pubuduwa Full
 South Korea Hatsal Youth Ministry Institute

Member organizations in Latin America

Country Name Acronym Status
 Chile Juventud Parroquial Chilena JUPACH Full
 Haiti Kiwo Ayiti Full
 Paraguay Niños Perseverantes Paraguayos Católico NIPPAC Full

Former members

Country Name Acronym Status
 Belgium Fédération Nationale des Patros
 France Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul
 the Netherlands Katholieke Jongenclubs
  Switzerland Schweizer Katholische Jungmannschaftsverband
 Canada /  Quebec La Centrale del Patros Quebec
 France Facel Paris

General Assemblies[22]

Number Year Country City Topic Other information
0 - Founding Meeting 1961 (7 – 8 October)  Germany Munich Founding Meeting
1st General Assembly 1963  the Netherlands Leiden The bases on which to build parochial organizations for the 17+ age group
2nd General Assembly 1964  Germany Berlin The situation of young people between 14 and 17 years old
3rd General Assembly 1965   Switzerland Luzern Youth work in the Third World Two female organizations (Chiromeisjes Vlaanderen and Kiro Congo filles) ask to be member of FIMCAP and are granted membership as the first female member organizations.
4th General Assembly 1966  Belgium Brussels Youthwork in postconciliarian times
5th General Assembly 1967  Austria Vienna The place and formation of small groups – looking towards the Church of tomorrow
6th General Assembly 1969  Germany Altenberg International solidarity
7th General Assembly 1970  UK London Our common base, the present and the future in Fimcap
8th General Assembly 1971   Switzerland Bad Schönbrunn Common aim and structures
9th General Assembly 1973  France Marseille Our work with the youth of today for tomorrow
10th General Assembly 1975  Italy Rome The organisation of Fimcap JUPACH was adopted as full member of Fimcap.[23]
11th General Assembly 1977  Austria Vienna Situation of children and youngsters – children’s rights
12th General Assembly 1979   Switzerland Luzern The parish
13th General Assembly 1981  UK West Wickham Relations between the European federations and those of the developing countries
14th General Assembly 1983  France Aix en Provence International Year of Youth – participation, peace and development
15th General Assembly 1986  Belgium Westmalle
16th General Assembly 1989  Belgium Ryckevelde, Brugge Living in an intercultural world
17th General Assembly 1992  Belgium Brugge Foreigners
18th General Assembly 1995   Switzerland Randa
19th General Assembly 1998  South Africa Botha’s hill Youth and sexuality
20th General Assembly 2001  Ghana Accra Young people, protagonists of peace Ateitis becomes a full member of Fimcap.
21st General Assembly 2004  Catalonia Barcelona Young people in a globalizing world
22nd General Assembly 2007  Italy Assisi Millennium Development Goals
23rd General Assembly 2010  Germany Munich[24] Climate change CYO Nigeria was admitted as Full member.
24th General Assembly 2013  Slovakia[25] Modra Children's Rights AGLT was admitted as Associate member. It is the first non-Christian organization becoming a member of Fimcap. The General Assembly has adopted a Declaration on "enhancing mobility of young people".
25th General Assembly 2016   Switzerland Melchtal OW[26] A child rights-based approach to the sustainable development goals (SDGs)[27] Hatsal becomes a member of Fimcap.

List of former Presidents

World presidents of Fimcap

Name Member organization / Country Time in office
Lourdes B. Galeano Cuellar NIPPAC  Paraguay 2016-2019
James Dsouza ICYM  India 2016-2019
Annette Wahle KjG  Germany 2013-2016
Liese Vandenheede Chiro  Belgium 2013-2016
Lea Sedlmayr KjG  Germany 2010-2013
Marvic Debono ŻAK  Malta 2010-2013
Holger Witting KjG  Germany 2007-2010
Carme Carrion i. Ribas[28] CCCCCE  Catalonia 2001-2004
Olivier Heyen[29] Chiro  Belgium 1998-2001

European presidents of Fimcap

Time in office President Member organization / Country Vice-President Member organization / Country Activity coordinator Member organization / Country Spiritual assistant Member organization / Country
2014-2017 Bernd Hirschberger KjG  Germany Veronika Švitková eRko  Slovakia Fr Reuben Gauci ŻAK  Malta
Time in office President Member organization / Country Vice-President Member organization / Country Secretary Member organization / Country Spiritual assistant Member organization / Country
2011-2014 Magdalena Lewis KjG  Germany / FDF  Denmark Juraj Králik eRko  Slovakia Vincienne Debono ŻAK  Malta Fr Reuben Gauci ŻAK  Malta
2008-2011 Michele Lettieri FOI  Italy Coen Van Kuijk Jong Nederland  Netherlands Marah Köberle KjG  Germany Fr. Josep Lluís Calvís CCCCCE  Catalonia
2005-2008 Jürgen Leuser KjG  Germany Carla Acerbi FOI  Italy


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