Lednica 2000

Ichthys of Lednica (the Symbol of Christ and the gate)
8th Poland-wide Youth Meeting in Lednica in 2004
10th Poland-wide Youth Meeting in Lednica in 2006 (the Lednica fish in background)
Young people enjoying the event and praying at the same time in one of the "Lednica dances" during the gathering on 3 June 2006

The Poland-wide Youth Meeting Lednica 2000 (known as Lednica) is an annual gathering of Polish Catholic youth, organized near Gniezno in Pola Lednickie (near the Lednica lake, which is believed to be the place where the first Polish monarch, Mieszko I was baptized in 966). It is the largest regular religious youth meeting in the world (with exception of those attended by the Pope).[1]

Lednica gatherings were initiated in 1997 by the Poznań-based Dominican friar Jan Góra. Since then, they are organized every year and always take place on the first Saturday of June.

Pope John Paul II sent an annual special message to participants of Lednica. This tradition was continued by his successor, Benedict XVI. After his papal resignation, the tradition is continued by pope Francis.

The meetings


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