Fimcap Eurocamp

The Fimcap EuroCamp is an international social activity organized by the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements (Fimcap). The EuroCamp is organized once a year and is each time hosted by another European member organization of Fimcap. The World Camp combines group leader education and thematic work with intercultural exchange.[1]


List of former Fimcap EuroCamps[2] Until 2008 the Fimcap EuroCamp was called EuroContact.

Year Country Topic
1998  Malta
2001  Malta
2003  Malta
2005  Netherlands
2006  Italy
2007  Lithuania
2008  Austria
2009  Slovakia Veni, Vidi, Web
2010  Malta AMASS
2011  Catalonia The power of you(th)
2012   Switzerland Integration great creation
2013  Malta
2015  Belgium Youth against bullying[3][4]
2016  Germany United in diversity[5]


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