Indian Catholic Youth Movement

Indian Catholic Youth Movement
Abbreviation ICYM
Motto To Lead, To Serve, To Shine
Formation 1985
Purpose Youth development programme in India
Headquarters New Delhi
Parent organisation
Catholic Bishops' Conference of India
Website []

The Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) is the largest Premier Catholic youth movement in India. It is spread across 686 districts in India. The ICYM functions through 14 Regions & 171 Dioceses. It is an organisation for the Catholic youth from three rites (Latin, Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara) of Christian community of across India.[1] The patron saint of Indian Catholic Youth Movement is St. Gonsalo Garcia.


Integral Development of Youth through Formation, Fellowship and Action being the main objectives of youth ministry, ICYM caters to varied needs of the holistic development of its young members.

ICYM also coordinates National Delegations to World Youth Day, Asian Youth Day, World Youth Parliament and pilgrimages to Taize. It is collaborated with YCS/YSM and international youth body FIMCAP. It is also tied up with an international social network called UCANEWS which is the Catholic News Network in Asia. With its motto - "To Lead, To Serve, to Shine" there is a lot to be done and a whole community to be won.

ICYM ushers in a paradigm shift in the life of the 'Young Church'. The youth in India are in a dilemma of disunity and discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, language and culture. Lack of true leadership, raising fundamentalism, alienation, choking unemployment, corruption at all levels are the alarming realities of the day. As we cruise in to the new millennium with tremendous hope and aspirations, the members of ICYM are now ready to discover the new frontiers that unfold. It is in this distressful context that the ICYM address the need of these young persons and works at empowering them in to action not only within the church but a conscious and deliberate immersion in the mainstream of secular life and activity in the heart of the world. ICYM is the official state and regional organisation under the auspices of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of IndiaCBCI. It consists of youngsters between the age group of 15– 35 years who subscribe to Catholic values and principles, but beneficiaries include the youth of other religions.

Today, ICYM has a membership strength of 104,685 young people making it one of the influential organisations in the region.

Office Bearers


Mr. Roshan Alexander (President),
Ms. Celine D'Silva, (Secretary),
Ms. Vandana A (Vice President I),
Mr. Tushar Tribhuvan (Vice President II),
Mr. George Kutty (Treasurer),
Mr. Amith Prabhu (Spokes Person),
Mr. Manish Michael (Joint Secretary),
Ms Magdalene D'Souza(RYLA western),
Sr. Lydia Tauro ( RYLA U.P),
Fr. P. Rayappa (RYD/A.P),
Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza (RYD/Karnataka),
Sr. Mary Lobo (NYLA),
Rev. Fr. Joel D'Cunha (NYD)
Rt. Rev. Cyprian Mnis (Chairman),
Mr. Ranjeet Ranjan (Governing Body Member).


Mr. Rakesh Singh (President),
Ms. Jovita Mary (Secretary),
Mr. Albert Romanto (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Jyoti Maithak (Vice President I),
Mr. Anup Jose (Vice President II),
Ms. Shakila M. (Treasurer),
Ms. Geeta Catherine (Joint Treasurer),
Mr. Bijoy Karakalil (Spokes Person),
Fr. Anand Prakash (RYD/U.P),
Fr.Kuriakose M. (RYD/Orissa),
Sr. Vinita SSPs (RYLA M.P),
Sr. Josephine Varghese' (RYLA Kerala).
Sr. Maria Goretti Sangma (NYLA),
Rev. Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza (NYD),
Rt. Rev. Cyprian Monis (Chairman),
Governing Body Members- Mr. Gilbert Francis, Mr. Rajesh Marmu, Ms. Jennifer Fernandes, Ms. Swati Kindo.


Ms. Ashrita Arockiam (President),
Mr. Saiby Mathew (General Secretary),
Mr. Jerry Jose (Vice President I),
Ms. Maria Roseline (vice president II),
Mr. Anthony Pushparaj (Treasurer),
Mr. Thomas Peter (Joint Treasurer),
Ms. Michelle Sherard (Spokes Person),
Ms. Shalini Rai (Spokes Person II)
Ms. Arti Bhatti (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Brithnilla Marak (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Preety Bodra (Joint Secretary),
Mr. Pinakin Mackwan (Joint Secretary),
Fr. Sebastian Puthen (RYD/Kerala),
Fr. Ujjwal Mandai (RYD/ W.B),
Sr. Anita D'Souza (RYLA Karnataka),
Sr. Kiran SCJM (RYLA North),
Sr. Maria Goretti Sangma (NYLA)
Rev. Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza (NYD),
Most Rev. Leo Cornelio (Chairman).


Mr. Sajish Jose (President),
Ms. Sapna Robert (General Secretary),
Ms. Atasha D'Souza (Vice President I),
Mr. Jomon Thomas (Vice President II),
Ms. Rosalima Peter (Treasurer),
Mr. Anil George Beck (Joint Treasurer),
Mr. Anjan Anthony (Spokes Person),
Ms. Patricia Romila A. (Spokes Person II),
Mr. Solomon Gomes (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Graciously Mary (Joint Secretary),
Mr. Rupesh Kotte (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Kiran Toppo (Joint Secretary),
Fr.Kuriakose Mambrakatt (RYD/ORISSA),
Fr. Lancy Paul (RYD/North),
Sr. Vinita SSPs (RYLA M.P)
Sr. Benigna (RYLA U.P)
Sr. Edleburgh B.S.(NYLA)
Rev. Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza (NYD),
Most Rev. Leo Cornelio (Chairman).


Mr. Ravi Rounak Robin (President),
Ms. Joice Mary Antony (General Secretary),
Ms. Rupal Figer (Vice President I),
Mr. Richard N.K. Syiemiong (Vice President II),
Ms. Deepika Kujur (Treasurer),
Mr. Arnest Kujur (Joint Treasurer),
Mr. Solomon Gomes (Spokes Person),
Ms. Jomol Joy (Spokes Person II),
Mr. Edla Swamy Nadhan (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Anisha Cardoza (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Seema Agatha Tirkey (Joint Secretary),
Ms. Bharatidasan K (Joint Secretary),
Fr. Franklin D’ Souza (RYD/KARNATAKA),
Fr. Kuriakose Mambrakatt (RYD/ORISSA),
Sr. Benigna HCM (RYLA/UP)
Sr. Ancy Antony (RYLA/ KERALA)
Sr. Edleburgh B.S.(NYLA)
Rev. Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza (NYD),
Most Rev. Leo Cornelio (Chairman).

2012 –2014

President – Ms. Olima Minj (Chhattisgarh); Ex-officio member of the CBCI Executive Committee.
General Secretary – Mr. Titu Thomas (Kerala);
Vice President I – Mr. Savio Vishal Daniel (Madhya Pradesh),
Vice President II - Ms. Shanta Peter (Uttar Pradesh);
Spokesperson – Ms. Anita Tirkey (North East);
Joint Spokesperson - Mr. Alison Pereira (Western Region);
Treasurer – Mr. Maisarapu Philip (Andhra Pradesh);
Asst. Treasurer – Ms. Asha Jyoti Kindo (Orissa);
Secretaries: Ms Shraddha Kujur (West Bengal), Mr. Gilbert D’cruz (Karnataka), Ms. S. Jennifer (Tamil Nadu), Ms. Prathibha Nag (Bijhan), Mr. Abhishek (Northern Region)
RYD/RYLA Representatives: Fr. Balaswamy (A.P) Fr. Mari Joseph (Karnataka), Sr.Regina Mareen MSMHC (North East), Sr. Usha Kiran Kujur (OFU),
FIMCAP Representative: Mr. Ravi Robin Rounak.
Sr. Edleburgh B.S.(NYLA)
Rev. Fr. Philiph Franky D'souza (NYD),
Most Rev. Leo Cornelio (Chairman).

2014 –2016

President – Mr. Neelam Suresh Rao (Andhra Pradesh); Ex-officio member of the CBCI Executive Committee.
General Secretary – Ms. Jemcy Mary (Kerala);
Vice President I – Mr. Ms.Denis Olivia Flemingl (Uttar Pradesh),
Vice President II - Mr. K.Naresh Robertr (Tamil Nadu);
Spokesperson – Ms.Alphonsa Molsom (North East);
Joint Spokesperson - Mr.Cosmos Toppo (Chhattisgarh);
Treasurer – Mr.Dsouza James (Western Region);
Asst. Treasurer – Ms.Julia Joseph (Northern Region);
Secretaries: Mr.Swapnil Simon (Madhya Pradesh), Ms.Rajani Barla (Orissa), Mr. Leo D'Rosario (West Bengal), Mr. John Marandi (Bijhan).Mr. Cyril Prabhu (Karnataka)
RYD/RYLA Representatives: Fr.Rajesh Mathew (Western). Fr.Chetan Machado(Northern), Sr.Agnes Sanihen MSMHC (North East), Sr.Shiny Chiramel (MP),
FIMCAP Representative: Mr. Ravi Robin Rounak.
Rev. Fr. Philiph Franky D'souza (NYD) / Rev. Fr. Deepak K.J. Thomas, OCD (NYD)
Most Rev. Henry D'souza (Chairman)


President – Mr. Sijo Ambatt (Kerala Region);
General Secretary – Ms. Jenny Joy (Northern Region);
Vice President I – Ms. Neelima Lakra (Chhattisgarh),
Vice President II - Mr. Leon Pereira (Western Region);
Spokesperson – Ms.Deepthi D'souza (Karnataka Region);
Joint Spokesperson - Mr.Felix Kumar Ekka (Odisha Region);
Treasurer – Mr. Ajay Phillips (UP Region);
Asst. Treasurer – Ms. Dipika Mardi (WB&SK Region);
Secretaries: Mr. J. Ignatius (Telugu Region), Ms. Leema Lakra (MP Region), Ms. Juliet (TN Region)
RYD/RYLA Representatives: Fr. Alexzander (MP), Fr. Raymond Rumao(Western), Ms. Anancia (WB&SK), Sr. Darshana (UP),
FIMCAP Representative: Mr. James D'souza
Rev. Fr. Deepak K.J. Thomas, OCD (NYD)
Most Rev. Henry D'souza (Chairman)

Patron Saint

The patron of ICYM is St. Gonsalo Garcia, a Portuguese Indian who was born in the western coastal town of Vasai and died as a martyr in Japan and is venerated as a saint, one of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan so venerated. Garcia was beatified in 1627 by Pope Urban VIII and canonised as a saint by Pope Pius XI on 8 June 1862.


Apna Yuva Spandan

APNA YUVA SPANDAN (Heart Beats of Youth) commonly known as AYS is the National (bi-monthly) youth magazine published by Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) for Information, Formation and to make youth think freely, speak responsibly, write creatively by providing them the desired platform. AYS has completed 25 years of existence. It has a wide circulation all over India as well as abroad.

ICYM had published three annual publications till yet



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