Squire Roses

Squire Roses

Emblem of the Squire Roses
Motto With Grace and Dignity We Stand as One
Formation 1996
Type Catholic youth organization
Key people
Russ DeRose, Jason Seiler
Website First Circle website

The Squire Roses are a youth sorority run by individual State Councils within the Knights of Columbus, for Catholic ladies between the ages of 10 and 18. Squires (young men) and Squire Roses (young women) combine to make the Columbian Squires.


The Squire Roses were established [1] in 1996 under the leadership Mr. Russ DeRose for young women at St. Mary of Sorrows Church.

The process for the birth of the Squire Roses took just over four years. In March 1993, Mr. De Rose(St. Mary of Sorrows) held a recruitment drive because of requests from young women to join the Squires. Mr. De Rose told the young women that the Squires and the Knights of Columbus was a men's organization and women were excluded. Mr. De Rose stated that he would set up a similar organization that would include a sorority environment as well as be similar to the Squires. The Knights of St. Mary of Sorrows provided the initial donations and were made aware that the Squire Roses would support their charities and functions but as a separate organization. All Counselors were to be practical Catholic women who met the Church requirements to work with youth and renew their certification as required.

In 1994 the same young ladies, bringing their friends and parents, continued to ask the Squires if they could join. When turned down, the ladies asked if they could assist the Squires in their projects, thus getting them involved in service to their parish and community. By December the Squires agreed to recruit young ladies for this offshoot organization.

By 1996, the groundwork for the Squire Roses had been laid. They did not want to be a "Squirerettes," or Columbiettes" which are organizations either under the direction of local or state Knights of Columbus. The new members of the Squire Roses defined their vision, roles, motto, emblem and ceremonials. They continually upgrade their investiture and officer ceremonies. In 2010 they started to develop their own charter which is presented to all new Squire Roses Circles in the USA and abroad. For more information on how the Squire Roses chose their name contact the St. Mary of Sorrows Squire Roses

The investiture presents three women which symbolizes the Squire Rose: (1)the Blessed Virgin Mary which represents Faith, (2) Knight Joan of Arc which represents Hope, and (3) Mother Theresa which represents Charity.

The first Knights of Columbus state organization to recognatize the Squire Roses was Washington, D.C. and was followed by the Knights of Columbus in Virginia.

Growth & Expansion

1997 - Washington DC Knights of Columbus adopt the Squire Roses as their youth program for young ladies. The first Circle of Squire Roses is created on March 9 of this year.

2001 - The number of Circles grows to five, with Squire Roses numbering over 50.

2004 - 2005 - Circles in Washington DC fail, due to adult sponsors moving out of the area. Additionally, two Circles in Virginia fail due to lack of membership recruiting.

2006 - 2009 - With the introduction of Jason Seiler to run the Columbian Squires for the State of Virginia, the Squires and Squire Roses saw new growth and development. The Squires win multiple awards, including the top two international awards for growth. Likewise the Squire Roses add three new Circles, over doubling their membership in the state. Mr. Seiler is in talks with Knights of Columbus State Councils for New Jersey, California, Nebraska, and Texas to adopt the Squire Roses as their official youth group for young ladies, aged 10 to 18.

2010 - The first Squire Rose circle in Texas, Tx001, is invested and instituted at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community in Orange, TX, on October 17th, 2010. In addition, the first International Squire Roses Circle was invested and instituted in Luzon, Philippines.


Each Circle is supervised by a Knights of Columbus Council or Assembly and has an advisory board made up of either the Grand Knight, the Deputy Grand Knight and Chaplain or the Faithful Navigator, the Faithful Captain and Faithful Friar. Circles are either Council based, Parish based, or school based, depending on the location of the Circle and the Knight counselors.

The Squire Roses officers consist of Chief Squire Rose, Deputy Chief Squire Rose, Secretary, Treasurer, and Ceremonial Guard. Adults (members of the Knights of Columbus or their affiliated Ladies Auxiliaries) fill the roles of Chief Counselor, Chancellor and the priest fills the role of the Father Prior.


The Columbian Squire Roses emblem symbolizes the ideals which identify a Squire Rose. Centered in a circle is the cross of Christ, with the letters “F,” “W,” “S,” and “C.” These symbolize Family, Wisdom, Spiritual, and Civic growth that occurs within the Squire Roses. Within the triangle are the letters “S,” representing Service, “R,” for Responsibility, “C,” for Christ, and “K,” for the Knights of Columbus, by whom the Squires Roses program is sponsored. The triangle, the most stable geometric shape, is a representation of the Holy Trinity. A red rose adorns the emblem, symbolic of womanhood and of blossoming life. The emblem is encircled with a golden ring, signifying the value and perpetuity of the group, and that all within are equal. Upon the ring is the motto of the Squire Roses – “With Grace and Dignity We Stand as One.”


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Circle #001 - St. Mary of Sorrows

Circle #003 - Messengers of Grace

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