Frivilligt Drenge- og Pige-Forbund

Frivilligt Drenge- og Pige-Forbund
Abbreviation FDF
Formation October 27, 1902 (1902-10-27)
Type Danish non-profit youth organization
Purpose Christian youth organization
Headquarters Copenhagen,  Denmark
24,000 members

Frivilligt Drenge- og Pigeforbund, FDF ("Voluntary Boy and Girl Association") is a Danish, Christian children and youth organisation with approx. 25,000 members (2009). FDF was established by Holger Tornøe (A sundayschool-teacher) and Ludvig Valentiner, on October 27, 1902 in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, and thus is Denmark's oldest uniformed children and youth association.

The activities in FDF are in many ways similar to those of the scouts. However, there are some differences, including the fact that in FDF children are always led by adults, and FDF is not a member of any of the scouting World associations. Instead, FDF is a member of Fimcap, European Fellowship and Global Fellowship.

Age groups

FDF has different age groups for the children. Group leaders are from 18 years.

agegroup from till
Pusling 5 year 0. class
Tumling 1. class 2. class
Pilt 3. class 4. class
Væbner 5. class 6. class
Seniorvæbner 7. class 8. class
Senior 9. class 18 year


National Camp

Since 1926 FDF hosts every five years a big national camp ("FDF National Camp", "Camp Julsoe"). The national camp takes place in Sletten. The camp lasts 10 days and all members from the age of nine can take part. In 2011 the attracted about 13,000 participants. More than 500 international guests from FDF's partner organizations took part.[1]

FDF activity
FDF activity

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