Xaveri Rwanda

Xaveri Rwanda
Type Rwandan non-profit youth organization
Purpose Catholic youth organization
Headquarters  RWA

Xaveri Rwanda is a Catholic youth organization in the Rwanda.[1] Xaveri Rwanda is part of the African Xaveri Movement and a member of the Catholic umbrella of youth organizations Fimcap.[2]


On 31 October 1990 Xaveri signed together 16 other youth movements and the Episcopal Pastoral Commission in Rwanda a joint statement condemned the aggression of armed gangs of the NRA and the Ugandan regular Army and especially also the forced enlistment of children for these violent activities.[3]

In 2015 Xaveri Rwanda hosted the Fimcap World Camp. The camp thematized Children's Rights as well as the recent dark chapter in the history of Rwanda, the Genocide in Rwanda.[4]


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