Catholic campus ministry

Catholic Campus Ministry is the presence and ministry or service of the Roman Catholic Church on the campus of a school, college, or university. It may include the setting up of clubs, groups, and organizations, as well as the animating of liturgies, retreats, recollections, and the handling of Religion classes, workshops, and seminars. Some examples of Catholic campus ministries include Newman Club, Newman Apostolate, and Catholic Student Association.

Cardinal Newman

Many Catholic campus ministry programs exist today because of the efforts of Cardinal John Henry Newman, the man who founded the first Newman Center on a college campus.

National Organizations

In the United States, there are five organizations that coordinate Catholic Campus Ministry programs throughout the country. They are:

Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA)
National Catholic Student Coalition (NCSC)
Evangelical Catholic
Newman Connection
Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Catholic Campus Ministry Programs

University of Dayton, Campus Ministry
University Catholic Community at UTA
Loyola Marymount University, Campus Ministry
Oxford University Newman Society

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