List of airports in Moldova

Map of Moldova

This is a list of airports in Moldova, sorted by location.


Airports shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates Usage
Bălți LUBL BZY Bălți International Airport 47°50′35″N 27°46′38″E / 47.84306°N 27.77722°E / 47.84306; 27.77722 (Bălți International Airport) Certified, occasional flights
Bălți     Bălți City Airport 47°46′28″N 27°57′27″E / 47.77444°N 27.95750°E / 47.77444; 27.95750 (Bălți City Airport) Unclear
Cahul LUCH   Cahul International Airport 45°50′38″N 28°15′49″E / 45.84389°N 28.26361°E / 45.84389; 28.26361 (Cahul International Airport) Not certified
Camenca LUCM   Camenca Airport   Not operational
Ceadîr-Lunga LUCL   Chadyr Lunga Airport 46°01′58″N 28°51′10″E / 46.03278°N 28.85278°E / 46.03278; 28.85278 (Ceadîr-Lunga Airport) Unclear
Chișinău LUKK KIV Chișinău International Airport 46°55′40″N 28°55′51″E / 46.92778°N 28.93083°E / 46.92778; 28.93083 (Chișinău International Airport) Moldova's sole international gateway
Mărculeşti LUBM   Mărculeşti International Airport 47°51′45″N 28°12′45″E / 47.86250°N 28.21250°E / 47.86250; 28.21250 (Mărculeşti International Airport) Certified for daylight flights only
Soroca LUSR   Soroca Airport   Not operational
Tighina (Bender) LUTG   Tighina Airport   Not operational
Tiraspol LUTR   Tiraspol Airport 46°52′05″N 29°35′26″E / 46.86806°N 29.59056°E / 46.86806; 29.59056 (Tiraspol Airport) Not operational
Vadul lui Vodă / Durleşti     Vadul lui Vodă Airfield 47°04′05″N 29°05′43″E / 47.06806°N 29.09528°E / 47.06806; 29.09528 (Vadul lui Vodă Airfield) Unclear

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