List of airports in Croatia

Civil airports in Croatia

This is a list of airports in Croatia, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name Location
ÿ Civil airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Brač LDSB BWK Bol Airport
Dubrovnik LDDU DBV Dubrovnik Airport 42°33′44″N 18°15′57″E / 42.5622383800°N 18.2657594100°E / 42.5622383800; 18.2657594100
Mali Lošinj LDLO LSZ Lošinj Airport 44°33′56″N 14°23′53″E / 44.5655036300°N 14.3979867300°E / 44.5655036300; 14.3979867300
Osijek LDOS OSI Osijek Airport 45°27′32″N 18°49′24″E / 45.4589001100°N 18.8232948400°E / 45.4589001100; 18.8232948400
Pula LDPL PUY Pula Airport 44°53′34″N 13°55′00″E / 44.8926854400°N 13.9166197000°E / 44.8926854400; 13.9166197000
Rijeka LDRI RJK Rijeka Airport 45°13′12″N 14°34′03″E / 45.2198913100°N 14.5674886900°E / 45.2198913100; 14.5674886900
Split LDSP SPU Split Airport 43°32′19″N 16°17′55″E / 43.5385091500°N 16.2985301000°E / 43.5385091500; 16.2985301000
Zadar LDZD ZAD Zadar Airport 44°05′40″N 15°21′10″E / 44.0944431800°N 15.3528740800°E / 44.0944431800; 15.3528740800
Zagreb LDZA ZAG Franjo Tuđman Airport 45°44′18″N 16°03′38″E / 45.7383556500°N 16.0606726300°E / 45.7383556500; 16.0606726300
ÿ Sport airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Čepin LDOC Sport Airport Čepin
Čakovec LDVC Sport Airport Čakovec
Ivanić Grad Sport Airport Ivanić
Koprivnica LDVK Sport Airport Koprivnica
Otočac LDRO Sport Airport Otočac
Rijeka LDRG Sport Airport Grobničko Polje
Sinj LDSS Sport Airport Sinj
Slavonski Brod LDOR Sport Airport Slavonski Brod
Varaždin LDVA Sport Airport Varaždin
Vrsar LDPV Sport Airport Vrsar
Lučko LDZL Sport Airport Lučko
ÿ Military airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Zaton Šepurine Training Base
Udbina LDZU Udbina Airport

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