List of airports in Norway

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is the busiest airport in Norway

Norway has 98 airports which are certified or have been designed an International Civil Aviation Organization airport code (ICAO code).[1] Fifty-one airports facilitate public flights, including one heliport, Værøy Heliport.[2] Forty-five of these are owned by the government through its airport operator, Avinor. Scheduled airports are grouped into primary airports, which are sufficiently large to serve jetliners, and regional airports, which can only handle regional aircraft.[3]

The airports used only for general aviation (GA) are owned by a mix of municipalities, aviation clubs and private companies.[4] The latter include some which are controlled by the state or municipalities. Two are owned by the Norwegian Armed Forces.[5][6] The Royal Norwegian Air Force has ten air stations which are co-located with primary airports ("joint" airports).

A de Havilland Canada Dash 8-100 of Widerøe at Honningsvåg Airport, Valan, one of 29 regional airports in Norway

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is by a factor of almost four the busiest airport in the country, about half of which is international services.[2] It opened in 1998—replacing Oslo Airport, Fornebu[7] and serves as a hub for Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).[8] It is followed by three other major airports, Bergen Airport, Flesland; Stavanger Airport, Sola; and Trondheim Airport, Værnes.[2] These act as focus cities for said airlines. The four next airports are of almost equal size.[2] Moss Airport, Rygge and Sandefjord Airport, Torp serve low-cost airlines in Eastern Norway and are often branded as "Oslo" by airlines such as Ryanair.[9] Bodø Airport and Tromsø Airport act as hubs within Northern Norway, from which Widerøe flies to regional airports. Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen have a similar function in Southern Norway.[3]

Map of current and closed scheduled airports in Norway

Norway is the country in Europe with the most airline trips per capita. The routes from Oslo to Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger are all amongst the ten busiest in Europe. Contributing causes are a low population density, a rugged geography and limited population in the interior and the north, which combined have resulted in a poor road and rail infrastructure.[10] Many smaller airport have short runways which permit only fairly small aircraft on short routes. Future lack of compatible aircraft has started plans to extending some, close down some (combinded with road improvement) and to build a few new airports.


The list includes fixed-wing airports approved by the CAA[4] and those with an ICAO code.[1][11] In addition, closed land airports are included if they were either issued ICAO codes or they served scheduled flights. Heliports are only included if they have scheduled flights and are part of the regional aviation system. Water aerodromes are excluded.

The list contains the airport name, the city served and the county in which the airport is located (which may differ from the county of the city served). The type of airport is subdivided into primary airports, regional airports (one marked as a heliport), military (used exclusively by the Norwegian Armed Forces), joint (airports with both a civilian airport and a military air base), GA (used exclusively for general aviation) and closed airports. The ownership consists of airports owned by Avinor, municipally-owned airports, airports owned by the military, those owned by aviation clubs, and privately owned through a limited company. The list further states the ICAO code[1][11] and the International Air Transport Association airport code (IATA code).[11][12] The length of the longest runway (rwy) is stated.[13] Passenger data (pax) is for 2013 and counts both boarding and disembarking passengers.[2] Airport names shown in bold indicate airports with scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Airports in Norway
Airport City served County Type Owner ICAO IATA Rwy
Ålesund Airport, Vigra Ålesund Møre og Romsdal Primary Avinor ENAL AES 2,314 7,592 1,055,098
Alta Airport Alta Finnmark Primary Avinor ENAT ALF 2,087 6,847 344,598
Andøya Airport, Andenes Andenes Nordland Joint Avinor ENAN ANX 2,468 8,097 51,553
Arendal Airport, Gullknapp Arendal Aust-Agder GA Private ENGK 1,000 3,300
Bardufoss Airport Bardufoss Troms Joint Avinor ENDU BDU 2,443 8,015 207,188
Båtsfjord Airport Båtsfjord Finnmark Regional Avinor ENBS BJF 1,000 3,300 12,715
Båtsfjord Airport (former) Båtsfjord Finnmark Closed Municipal ENBS BJF 800 2,600
Bergen Airport, Flesland Bergen Hordaland Joint Avinor ENBR BGO 2,990 9,810 6,047,615
Berlevåg Airport Berlevåg Finnmark Regional Avinor ENBV BVG 919 3,015 5,950
Bjorli Airport Bjorli Oppland GA Private ENLB 835 2,740
Bodø Airport Bodø Nordland Joint Avinor ENBO BOO 3,394 11,135 1,551,363
Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy Brønnøysund Nordland Regional Avinor ENBN BNN 1,199 3,934 148,900
Dokka Airport, Tumlevold Dokka Oppland GA Private ENDO 740 2,430
Elverum Airport, Starmoen Elverum Hedmark GA Club ENSM 1,000 3,300
Engeløy Airport, Grådussan Engeløya Nordland GA Private ENEN 1,200 3,900
Fagernes Airport, Leirin Fagernes Oppland Regional Avinor ENFG VDB 2,060 6,760 4,035
Farsund Airport, Lista Farsund Vest-Agder GA Private ENLI FAN 0 0
Florø Airport Florø Sogn og Fjordane Regional Avinor ENFL FRO 1,199 3,934 201,686
Førde Airport, Bringeland Førde Sogn og Fjordane Regional Avinor ENBL FDE 940 3,080 83,889
Førde Airport, Øyrane Førde Sogn og Fjordane Closed Municipal ENFD FDE 800 2,600
Frøya Airport, Flatval Sistranda Sør-Trøndelag GA Private ENFA 730 2,400
Geilo Airport, Dagali Geilo Buskerud GA Municipal ENDI DLD 1,799 5,902
Gol Airport, Klanten Gol Buskerud GA Club ENKL GLL 1,150 3,770
Grimsmoen Airport, Folldal Folldal Hedmark GA Club ENGN 1,000 3,300
Hamar Airport, Stafsberg Hamar Hedmark GA Municipal ENHA HMR 944 3,097
Hammerfest Airport Hammerfest Finnmark Regional Avinor ENHF HFT 882 2,894 145,222
Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes Harstad/Narvik Nordland Primary Avinor ENEV EVE 2,815 9,236 641,953
Hasvik Airport Hasvik Finnmark Regional Avinor ENHK HAA 970 3,180 7,707
Hattfjelldal Airport Hattfjelldal Nordland GA Club ENHT 715 2,346
Haugesund Airport, Karmøy Haugesund Rogaland Primary Avinor ENHD HAU 2,120 6,960 700,271
Hokksund Airport Hokksund Buskerud GA Club ENHS 630 2,070
Hønefoss Airport, Eggemoen Hønefoss Buskerud GA Club ENEG 800 2,600
Honningsvåg Airport, Valan Honningsvåg Finnmark Regional Avinor ENHV HVG 800 2,600 13,599
Jan Mayensfield Olonkinbyen Jan Mayen Military Military ENJA 1,500 4,900
Kautokeino Airport Kautokeino Finnmark GA Military ENKA QKX 1,200 3,900
Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen Kirkenes Finnmark Primary Avinor ENKR KKN 1,905 6,250 292,640
Kjeller Airport Lillestrøm Akershus Military Military ENKJ 1,600 5,200
Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik Kristiansand Vest-Agder Primary Avinor ENCN KRS 1,990 6,530 1,065,638
Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget Kristiansund Møre og Romsdal Primary Avinor ENKB KSU 1,840 6,040 392,786
Lakselv Airport, Banak Lakselv Finnmark Joint Avinor ENNA LKL 2,784 9,134 62,405
Larvik Airport, Fritzøe Larvik Vestfold Closed Club ENFZ 0 0
Leknes Airport Leknes Nordland Regional Avinor ENLK LKN 878 2,881 108,503
Lunde Airport, Nome Lunde Telemark GA Club ENLU 700 2,300
Mehamn Airport Mehamn Finnmark Regional Avinor ENMH MEH 880 2,890 12,795
Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll Mo i Rana Nordland Regional Avinor ENRA MQN 841 2,759 97,588
Molde Airport, Årø Molde Møre og Romsdal Primary Avinor ENML MOL 1,980 6,500 456,329
Mosjøen Airport, Kjærstad Mosjøen Nordland Regional Avinor ENMS MJF 919 3,015 63,210
Moss Airport, Rygge Moss Østfold Joint Private ENRY RYG 2,900 9,500 1,890,889
Namsos Airport, Høknesøra Namsos Nord-Trøndelag Regional Avinor ENNM OSY 838 2,749 29,102
Narvik Airport, Framnes Narvik Nordland Regional Avinor ENNK NVK 909 2,982 28,971
Notodden Airport, Tuven Notodden Telemark Regional Municipal ENNO NTB 1,393 4,570 5,621
Ny-Ålesund Airport, Hamnerabben Ny-Ålesund Svalbard GA Private ENAS 800 2,600
Oppdal Airport, Fagerhaug Oppdal Sør-Trøndelag GA Private ENOP 1,000 3,300
Ørland Airport Brekstad Sør-Trøndelag Joint Municipal ENOL OLA 2,714 8,904 5,763
Ørsta–Volda Airport, Hovden Ørsta/Volda Møre og Romsdal Regional Avinor ENOV HOV 866 2,841 121,659
Os Airport, Vaksinen Os Hordaland GA Club ENLU 600 2,000
Oslo Airport, Fornebu Oslo Akershus Closed Avinor ENFB FBU 0 0
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen Oslo Akershus Joint Avinor ENGM OSL 3,600 11,800 22,912,213
Østre Æra Airport Åmot Hedmark GA Club ENFA 730 2,400
Rakkestad Airport, Åstorp Rakkestad Østfold GA Private ENRK 860 2,820
Reinsvoll Airport Reinsvoll Oppland GA Club ENRV 610 2,000
Ringebu Airport, Frya Ringebu Oppland GA Club ENRI 800 2,600
Rognan Airport Rognan Nordland GA Club ENRG 580 1,900
Røros Airport Røros Sør-Trøndelag Regional Avinor ENRO RRS 1,720 5,640 22,189
Rørvik Airport, Ryum Rørvik Nord-Trøndelag Regional Avinor ENRM RVK 880 2,890 32,834
Røst Airport Røst Nordland Regional Avinor ENRS RET 880 2,890 10,190
Salangen Airport, Elvenes Salangen Troms GA Private ENLV 500 1,600
Sandane Airport, Anda Sandane Sogn og Fjordane Regional Avinor ENSD SDN 840 2,760 39,866
Sandefjord Airport, Torp Sandefjord Vestfold Primary Private ENTO TRF 2,950 9,680 1,851,181
Sandnessjøen Airport, Stokka Sandnessjøen Nordland Regional Avinor ENST SSJ 1,086 3,563 82,194
Ski Airport Ski Akershus GA Club ENSI 600 2,000
Skien Airport, Geiteryggen Skien Telemark Regional Municipal ENSN SKE 1,400 4,600 36,171
Snåsa Airport, Grønnøra Snåsa Nord-Trøndelag GA Private ENGS 590 1,940
Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen Sogndal Sogn og Fjordane Regional Avinor ENSG SOG 943 3,094 73,827
Sørkjosen Airport Sørkjosen Troms Regional Avinor ENSR SOJ 919 3,015 15,745
Stavanger Airport, Forus Stavanger Rogaland Closed Private ENFO 0 0
Stavanger Airport, Sola Stavanger Rogaland Joint Avinor ENZV SVG 2,556 8,386 4,657,155
Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen Stokmarknes Nordland Regional Avinor ENSK SKN 886 2,907 100,234
Stord Airport, Sørstokken Leirvik Hordaland Regional Municipal ENSO SRP 1,460 4,790 27,635
Sunndalsøra Airport, Vinnu Sunndalsøra Møre og Romsdal GA Club ENSU 500 1,600
Svalbard Airport, Longyear Longyearbyen Svalbard Primary Avinor ENSB LYR 2,323 7,621 151,651
Svea Airport Sveagruva Svalbard GA Private ENSA 800 2,600
Svolvær Airport, Helle Svolvær Nordland Regional Avinor ENSH SVJ 857 2,812 64,467
Tønsberg Airport, Jarlsberg Tønsberg Vestfold GA Private ENJB 800 2,600
Tromsø Airport Tromsø Troms Primary Avinor ENTC TOS 2,392 7,848 1,828,393
Trondheim Airport, Lade Trondheim Sør-Trøndelag Closed Municipal 0 0
Trondheim Airport, Værnes Trondheim Nord-Trøndelag Joint Avinor ENVA TRD 2,759 9,052 4,305,122
Trysil Airport, Sæteråsen Trysil Hedmark GA Club ENTS 800 2,600
Tynset Airport Tynset Hedmark GA Private ENTY 940 3,080
Vadsø Airport Vadsø Finnmark Regional Avinor ENVD VDS 877 2,877 69,596
Værøy Airport Værøy Nordland Closed Municipal ENVR 800 2,600
Værøy Heliport Værøy Nordland Heliport Avinor ENVR VRY 8,976
Vardø Airport, Svartnes Vardø Finnmark Regional Avinor ENSS VAW 1,130 3,710 13,731
Vest-Telemark Airport, Fyresdal Fyresdal Telemark GA Private ENFY 800 2,600
Voss Airport, Bømoen Voss Hordaland GA Private ENBM 1,000 3,300

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