List of airports in Slovakia

This is list of airports in Slovakia, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Region ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Public airports
Bratislava Bratislava LZIB BTS M. R. Štefánik Airport (Bratislava Airport) 48°10′12″N 017°12′45″E / 48.17000°N 17.21250°E / 48.17000; 17.21250 (M. R. Štefánik Airport (Bratislava))
Košice Košice LZKZ KSC Košice International Airport (Public / Military) 48°39′47″N 021°14′28″E / 48.66306°N 21.24111°E / 48.66306; 21.24111 (Košice International Airport)
Jasna Žilina LZJS Aerodrome JASNA 49°02′52″N 019°30′24″E / 49.04778°N 19.50667°E / 49.04778; 19.50667 (Jasna Airport)
Lučenec Banská Bystrica LZLU LUE Bol'kovce Airport 48°20′22″N 019°44′09″E / 48.33944°N 19.73583°E / 48.33944; 19.73583 (Bol'kovce Airport (Lučenec))
Martin Žilina LZMA Martin Airport 49°03′55″N 018°57′03″E / 49.06528°N 18.95083°E / 49.06528; 18.95083 (Martin Airport)
Holíč Trnava LZHL Holíč Airport 048°48′27″N 017°08′11″E / 48.80750°N 17.13639°E / 48.80750; 17.13639 (Holíč Airport)
Nitra Nitra LZNI Nitra Airport 48°16′46″N 018°07′58″E / 48.27944°N 18.13278°E / 48.27944; 18.13278 (Nitra Airport)
Piešťany Trnava LZPP PZY Piešťany Airport 48°37′30″N 017°49′42″E / 48.62500°N 17.82833°E / 48.62500; 17.82833 (Piešťany Airport)
Poprad Prešov LZTT TAT Poprad-Tatry Airport 49°04′24″N 020°14′28″E / 49.07333°N 20.24111°E / 49.07333; 20.24111 (Poprad-Tatry Airport)
Prievidza Trenčín LZPE Prievidza Airport 48°45′58″N 018°35′12″E / 48.76611°N 18.58667°E / 48.76611; 18.58667 (Prievidza Airport)
Senica Trnava LZSE Senica Airport 48°39′28″N 017°19′47″E / 48.65778°N 17.32972°E / 48.65778; 17.32972 (Senica Airport)
Sliač Banská Bystrica LZSL SLD Sliač Airport (Public / Military) 48°38′16″N 019°08′02″E / 48.63778°N 19.13389°E / 48.63778; 19.13389 (Sliač Airport)
Trenčín Trenčín LZTN Trenčín Airport (Public / Military) 48°51′54″N 017°59′32″E / 48.86500°N 17.99222°E / 48.86500; 17.99222 (Trenčín Airport)
Žilina Žilina LZZI ILZ Žilina Airport 49°13′53″N 018°36′48″E / 49.23139°N 18.61333°E / 49.23139; 18.61333 (Žilina Airport)
Military airports
Malacky / Kuchyňa Bratislava LZMC Malacky Air Base (Kuchyňa Air Base) 48°24′07″N 017°07′06″E / 48.40194°N 17.11833°E / 48.40194; 17.11833 (Malacky Air Base)
Prešov Prešov LZPW POV Prešov Air Base 49°01′47″N 021°18′56″E / 49.02972°N 21.31556°E / 49.02972; 21.31556 (Prešov Air Base)
Former airports
Vajnory Bratislava LZVB Vajnory Airport (closed Jan. 2007)

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