List of airports in the Republic of Macedonia

Map of Macedonia

This is a list of airports in the Republic of Macedonia, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the facility has scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location ICAO IATA DAFIF Airport name
ŠŠ International airports ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ
Ohrid LWOH OHD Ohrid "St. Paul the Apostle" Airport
Skopje LWSK SKP Skopje "Alexander the Great" Airport
ŠŠ Sport airfields ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ
Bitola LW74 Logovardi Airport
Kumanovo LW67 Adzi Tepe Airport
Prilep LW66 Malo Konjari Airport
Skopje LW75 Stenkovec Airport
Štip LW73 Susevo Airport
ŠŠ Airports for industrial aviation ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ
Bitola LW68 Srpci Airport
Dolneni LW69 Sarandinovo Airport
Negotino LW72 Negotino Airport
Rosoman / Gradsko Airport
Sveti Nikole LW76 Mavrovica Airport
Sveti Nikole LW71 Pesirovo Airport
Veles LW70 Karatmanovo Airport
Štip / Krivi Dol Airport
ŠŠ Auxiliary runways ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ
Kocani / Auxiliary runway Ponikva
Štip / Auxiliary runway Plackovica

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