List of airports in Ukraine

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This is a list of airports in Ukraine, grouped by type and sorted by location. All aviation infrastructure of Ukraine is being supervised and regulated by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Ukraine has 23 airports, however due to the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea and the War in Donbass, Ukraine does not have positive control over four of them in Crimea and East Ukraine (Donbass).

In addition to airports, there are 11 aerodromes and some 35 air strips that are being operated separately. More information is available at the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine official website.


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Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Oblast or municipality ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Runway(s)
International airports
Kyiv Kyiv (Oblast) UKBB KBP Boryspil International Airport Public/Mil. 18L/36R, 4000m, Concrete
18R/36L 3500m, Concrete
Chernivtsi Chernivtsi UKLN CWC Chernivtsi International Airport Public 15/33, 2200m, Asphalt
Donetsk Donetsk UKCC DOK Donetsk International Airport (closed due to the War in Donbass) Public 08/26, 2484m, Asphalt
Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk UKLI IFO Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport Public/Mil. 10/28, 2507m, Concrete
Izmail Odessa UKOI Izmail International Airport Public
Kharkiv Kharkiv UKHH HRK Kharkiv International Airport Public 07/25, 2500m, Concrete
Kryvyi Rih Dnipropetrovsk UKDR KWG Kryvyi Rih International Airport Public 18/36, 2500m, Concrete
Kyiv Kyiv (City) UKKK IEV Kyiv (Zhuliany) International Airport Public/Mil. 8/26, 1800m, Concrete
Luhansk Luhansk UKCW VSG Luhansk International Airport (closed due to the War in Donbass) Public 9/27, 2840m, Asphalt
Lviv Lviv UKLL LWO Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Public/Mil. 13/31, 3305, Asphalt
Lymanske Odessa UKOM Lymanske International Airport Public 18/36, 2503m, Concrete
Mariupol Donetsk UKCM MPW Mariupol International Airport Public 02/20, 2550m, Asphalt
02/20, 1400m, Grass
11/29, 1400m, Grass
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv UKON NLV Mykolaiv International Airport 05/23, 2572m, Asphalt
05L/23R, 1800m, Grass
Odessa Odessa UKOO ODS Odessa International Airport Public/Mil. 07/25, 553m, Grass
16/34, 2799m, Concrete/Asphalt
Rivne Rivne UKLR RWN Rivne International Airport Public 12/30, 2626m, Concrete
Simferopol Crimea UKFF SIP Simferopol International Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Public 01L/19R, 3701m, Concrete
Ternopil Ternopil UKLT TNL Ternopil International Airport Public 10/28, 2000m, Concrete
12/30, 750m, Asphalt
Uzhhorod Zakarpattia UKLU UDJ Uzhhorod International Airport Public 10/28, 2038m, Asphalt
Zaporizhia Zaporizhia UKDE OZH Zaporizhia International Airport Public/Mil. 02/20, 2502m, Asphalt
Other public airports
Berdiansk Zaporizhia UKDB ERD Berdyansk Airport Public 09/27, 2500m, Concrete
Bila Tserkva Kyiv UKBC* Bila Tserkva Airfield Military
Borodianka Kyiv Borodianka Airfield
Cherkasy Cherkasy UKKE CKC Cherkasy International Airport Public 15/33, 2500m, Asphalt
Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk UKDD DNK Dnipropetrovsk International Airport Public 9/27, 2850m, Concrete
Dzhankoy Crimea UKFY Dzhankoy Airfield (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Public/Mil. 05/23, 2500m, Concrete
Kerch Crimea UKFK KHC Kerch Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Public 07/25, 1652m, Asphalt
07/25, 2000m, Grass
Kharkiv Kharkiv UKHD Kharkiv North Airport (Sokolniki) Public 03/21, 1804m, Concrete
Kherson Kherson UKOH KHE Kherson International Airport Public/Mil. 03/21, 2500m, Asphalt/Concrete
Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi UKLH HMJ Khmelnytskyi Airport Public 16/34, 2220m, Concrete
Kyiv (Hostomel) UKKM GML Kyiv Airfield (Antonov) Public (cargo only) 15/33, 3500m, Concrete
Kropyvnytskyi Kirovohrad UKKG KGO Kirovohrad Airfield Public 12/30, 1538m, Asphalt
16/34, 1300m, Asphalt
Kremenchuk Poltava UKHK KHU Kremenchuk Airport (Velyka Kokhnivka) Public
Kyiv UKKT NNN Sviatoshyn Airfield Industrial 14/32, 1800m, Concrete
Kyiv UKKJ* Chaika Airfield Public (sports only)
Kyiv Kyiv Airfield (Buzova) Public (sports only)
Kyiv Airfield Kyiv Pivdennyi
Kyiv Kyiv Airfield (Antonov-1)
Poltava Poltava UKHP PLV Poltava Airport (Suprunivka) Public 13/31, 2600m, Concrete
Sevastopol UKFB UKS "Belbek" Sevastopol International Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Public/Mil. 07/25, 3007m, Concrete
Sieverodonetsk Luhansk UKCS SEV Sieverodonetsk Airport Public
Simferopol Crimea UKFW Zavodske Airfield (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Public
Sumy Sumy UKHS UMY Sumy Airport Public 08/26, 2500m, Asphalt
Vinnytsia Vinnytsia Vinnytsia Airfield
Vinnytsia Vinnytsia UKWW VIN Vinnytsia Airport (Havryshivka) Public/Mil. 13/31, 2500m, Concrete
Zhytomyr Zhytomyr UKKO Ozerne Airfield Public/Mil.
Military airports
Bagerovo Crimea Bagerovo Air Base (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Military 6/24, 3500m Concrete
Chuhuiv Kharkiv UKHW Chuhuiv Air Base Military
Lviv Lviv Horodok (air base) Military
Konotop Sumy UKBF Konotop Air Base Military
Poltava Poltava MIO Poltava Air Base Military 09/27, 2500m, Concrete
09/27, 2500m, Grass
Kyiv Vasylkiv Air Base Military
Yevpatoria Crimea UKFE Yevpatoria Airport (repair plant - officially closed, de facto operated by Russia) Military 8/24, 2011m, Concrete
Other airports
Brody Lviv UKLB* Brody Airport
Chernihiv Chernihiv UKKL CEJ Chernihiv Shestovitsa Airport 09/27, 2200m, Asphalt
01/19, 600m, Asphalt
Drabiv Cherkasy UKKD* Drabiv Airport
Henichesk Kherson UKOG Henichesk Airport
Kalyniv UKLA* Kalyniv Airport
Kamianets-Podilskyi Khmelnytskyi KCP Kamianets-Podilskyi Airport
Kolomyia Ivano-Frankivsk UKLO* Kolomyia Airport
Kramatorsk Donetsk UKCK* KRQ Kramatorsk Airport
Lutsk Volyn UKLC UCK Lutsk Airport 07/25, 1660m, Asphalt
Lviv Lviv UKLP Lviv Stryi Airport
Melitopol Zaporizhia UKDM* OOX Melitopol Airport
Myrhorod Poltava UKBM* MXR Myrhorod Airport
Nizhyn Chernihiv UKRN* Nizhyn Airport
Petrovske Luhansk UKHE Petrovske Airport
Pidhorodne Dnipropetrovsk UKDP* Pidhorodne Airport
Saky Crimea UKFI* Saky Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)
Semenivka UKKS Semenivka Airport
Starokostiantyniv Khmelnytskyi UKLS* Starokostiantyniv Airport
Tsuniv Lviv UKLF* Tsuniv Airport
Uzyn Kyiv UKKH Chepelivka Airport
Zhytomyr Zhytomyr UKKV ZTR Zhytomyr Airport
Yalta Crimea Yalta Heliport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)

Registered Heliports

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