List of United Kingdom by-elections (1806–18)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom held between 1806 and 1818, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1790-1820 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of East Hendred and the Escheators of Munster or Ulster. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign. If the vacancy was caused by appointment to another office then this office is noted in brackets.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

3rd Parliament (1806–1807)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
10 January 1807 Haslemere u* Viscount Garlies Robert Plumer Ward Succession to a peerage
10 January 1807Stockbridge u Joseph Foster Barham Sir John Fleming Leicester Chose to sit for Okehampton
12 January 1807 Eye u William Cornwallis James Cornwallis Resignation
14 January 1807 Enniskillen u Nathaniel Sneyd Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Chose to sit for County Cavan
14 January 1807 Minehead u* Sir John Lethbridge John Fownes Luttrell Resignation
15 January 1807 Mitchell u Sir Christopher Hawkins Sir Arthur Wellesley Chose to sit for Grampound
Frederick William Trench Henry Conyngham Montgomery Resignation
16 January 1807 Helston u Nicholas Vansittart Thomas Brand Chose to sit for Old Sarum
17 January 1807 Cockermouth u John Lowther Lord Binning Chose to sit for Cumberland
17 January 1807 Tralee u Maurice Fitzgerald Samuel Boddington Chose to sit for County Kerry
20 January 1807 Dundalk u* John Metge Josias Du Pre Porcher Resignation
21 January 1807 Bletchingley u Josias Du Pre Porcher John Alexander Bannerman Resignation to contest Dundalk
21 January 1807 St Mawes u* Sir John Newport John Shipley Chose to sit for Waterford City
24 January 1807 Lostwithiel u William Dickinson Charles CockerellChose to sit for Somerset
26 January 1807Midhurst u John Smith Henry Watkin Williams WynnChose to sit for Nottingham
William Wickham William Conyngham Plunket Chose to sit for Callington
27 January 1807 Arundel u Francis John Wilder The Lord Lecale Chose to sit for Horsham
27 January 1807Heytesbury u* Charles Abbot Charles MooreChose to sit for Oxford University
u Sir William Pierce Ashe A'Court Michael SymesResignation
29 January 1807 Sussex u* Charles Lennox Charles William Wyndham Succession to a peerage
31 January 1807 Dungannon u George Knox Viscount HamiltonChose to sit for Dublin University
2 February 1807 Canterbury u James Simmons Samuel Elias Sawbridge Death
4 February 1807 Coleraine u* Sir George Fitzgerald Hill Walter Jones Chose to sit for Londonderry City
7 February 1807 Plympton Erle u Sir Stephen Lushington William Assheton Harbord Death
17 February 1807 Worcester c* Henry Bromley William Gordon Resignation
26 February 1807 Derby u Edward Coke Thomas William Coke Resignation to contest Norfolk
4 March 1807Norfolk u* Thomas William Coke Sir Jacob Henry Astley Void Election
u William Windham Edward CokeVoid Election
9 March 1807 Harwich u William Henry FremantleJames AdamsChose to sit for Saltash
13 March 1807 County Armagh u* Lord AchesonWilliam Brownlow Succeeded to an Irish peerage
23 March 1807 BuckinghamuSir William Young Sir John Borlase Warren Resignation (Governor of Tobago)
31 March 1807 Carrickfergus c* Lord Spencer Stanley Chichester James Craig Resignation
1 April 1807 Newtown u George Canning George Canning Foreign Secretary
1 April 1807 Northamptonu*Spencer Perceval Spencer Perceval Chancellor of the Exchequer
2 April 1807 Calneu* Osborne Markham Henry Smith Resignation (Commissioner of Barrack Master General)
3 April 1807 Haslemere u* Charles LongCharles Long Joint Paymaster of the Forces
3 April 1807 Plympton Erleu*Viscount CastlereaghViscount Castlereagh Secretary of State for War and the Colonies
4 April 1807 Bere Alston u* Lord Lovaine Lord Lovaine Commissioner of the Board of Control
6 April 1807 Monmouth Boroughs u* Lord Charles Henry Somerset Lord Charles Henry Somerset Joint Paymaster of the Forces
9 April 1807 Buckinghamshireu*Marquess of Titchfield Marquess of Titchfield Junior Lord of the Treasury
13 April 1807Edinburghshireu*Robert Saunders DundasRobert Saunders Dundas President of the Board of Control
13 April 1807Queen's Countyu*William Wellesley PoleWilliam Wellesley PoleClerk of the Ordnance
14 April 1807Dorchesteru*Cropley AshleyCropley AshleyClerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
15 April 1807Haslemereu*Robert Plumer WardRobert Plumer WardLord of the Admiralty
15 April 1807Liskeardu*William EliotWilliam EliotJunior Lord of the Treasury
16 Apr 1807Weymouth & Melcombe Regisu*Sir James PulteneySir James PulteneySecretary at War
17 April 1807Christchurchu*George RoseGeorge RoseTreasurer of the Navy
William Sturges BourneWilliam Sturges BourneJunior Lord of the Treasury
17 April 1807West Looeu*James BullerJames BullerLord of the Admiralty
18 April 1807Great BedwynuViscount StopfordSir Vicary Gibbs Treasurer of the Household
20 April 1807Eyeu*Marquess of HuntlyHenry Wellesley Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
20 April 1807Marlboroughu*Earl of DalkeithViscount Stopford Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
21 April 1807MitchelluSir Arthur WellesleySir Arthur WellesleyChief Secretary for Ireland
1 May 1807Dumfriesshireu*William Johnstone HopeWilliam Johnstone HopeNaval Lord

4th Parliament (1807–1812)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
17 July 1807LauncestonuEarl PercyRichard Henry Alexander Bennet Chose to sit for Northumberland
20 July 1807DorchesteruCropley Ashley CooperCropley Ashley CooperClerk of the Ordnance
20 July 1807GranthamuThomas ThorotonThomas ThorotonClerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
20 July 1807TavistockuRichard FitzpatrickViscount Howick Chose to sit for Bedfordshire
20 July 1807WendoveruViscount MahonFrancis Horner Chose to sit for Kingston-upon-Hull
20 July 1807WestburyuEdward LascellesHenry Lascelles Chose to sit for Northallerton
21 July 1807 Cockermouth uJames LowtherJohn Osborn Chose to sit for Cumberland
21 July 1807RyeuSir John NichollSir William ElfordChose to sit for Great Bedwyn
The Earl of ClancartyStephen Rumbold Lushington Resignation (Joint Postmaster General in Ireland)
22 July 1807 Midhurst u* Samuel SmithThomas ThompsonChose to sit for Leicester
22 July 1807 St MawesuWilliam ShipleyViscount EbringtonChose to sit for the Flint Boroughs
24 July 1807 MitchelluEdward Leveson GowerSir James Hall Resignation
27 July 1807 OrforduLord Robert SeymourWilliam SloaneChose to sit for Carmarthenshire
27 July 1807 TraleeuSir Arthur WellesleyEvan FoulkesChose to sit for Newport I.o.W.
27 July 1807 WinchelseauSir Frederick Fletcher VaneSir Oswald MosleyResignation
28 July 1807 Youghalu*Viscount BoyleSir John Keane Succession to a peerage
29 July 1807 HelstonuRichard RichardsThe Lord Dufferin and ClaneboyeResignation
30 July 1807 ApplebyuViscount HowickNicholas William Ridley Colborne Resignation to contest Tavistock
31 July 1807 AthloneuHenry WellesleyJohn Frewen TurnerChose to sit for Eye
3 August 1807 Bandon Bridge uViscount BoyleGeorge TierneySuccession to a peerage
4 August 1807 DundalkuJosias Dupré PorcherPatrick Crawford BruceChose to sit for Old Sarum
14 August 1807 YarmouthuWilliam Powlett Orde PowlettSir John Orde Succession to a peerage
17 August 1807Kinross-shireuWilliam AdamDavid ClephaneChose to sit for Kincardineshire
21 August 1807HeytesburyuViscount FitzHarrisViscount FitzHarrisGovernor of the Isle of Wight
18 November 1807County MonaghanuRichard DawsonThomas Charles Stewart Corry Death
10 December 1807BeaumarisuThe Lord NewboroughSir Edward Pryce Lloyd Death
13 January 1808LincolncWilliam Monson The Earl of Mexborough Death
19 January 1808TavistockuViscount HowickGeorge PonsonbySucceeded to a peerage
27 January 1808 Clitheroe u John Cust James GordonSucceeded to a peerage
28 January 1808 Whitchurch u* William BrodrickWilliam Brodrick Junior Lord of the Treasury
29 January 1808 Castle Risingu*Charles Bagot Fulk Greville HowardResignation
29 January 1808Tivertonu*Richard RyderRichard Ryder Junior Lord of the Treasury
30 January 1808 Stamford u* John LelandEvan FoulkesDeath
30 January 1808TregonyuGeoffrey Wentworth WentworthWilliam Gore LangtonResignation
30 January 1808YarmouthuJervoise Clarke JervoiseBenjamin Cooke GriffinhoofeDeath
1 February 1808 Mitchell u George Galway MillsCharles Trelawny-BreretonResignation
2 February 1808Bathu*John PalmerCharles PalmerResignation
2 February 1808Wootton BassettuJohn Cheesment SevernBenjamin WalshResignation
4 February 1808 County DonegalcHenry Vaughan BrookeHenry Conyngham MontgomeryDeath
16 February 1808BanburycWilliam PraedDudley Long NorthElection voided due to double return
Dudley Long North
22 February 1808 Orford u Lord Henry MooreLord Henry MooreJoint Muster Master General of the Forces in Ireland
23 February 1808Newtownu*Dudley Long NorthGeorge Anderson-PelhamResignation to contest Banbury
24 February 1808PoolecVacantSir Richard BickertonNo return made due to tie
25 February 1808EnnisuJames FitzgeraldWilliam Fitzgerald Resignation
25 February 1808TraleeuEvan FoulkesJames StephenResignation to contest Stamford
27 February 1808County Westmeathu*William SmythHercules Robert PakenhamResignation
29 February 1808Boroughbridge u*Henry DawkinsHenry ClintonResignation
5 March 1808 TrurouEdward BoscawenCharles Frederick Powlett Townshend Succeeded to a peerage
17 March 1808GrampoundcAndrew Cochrane-JohnstoneRobert WilliamsVoid Election
cRobert WilliamsWilliam HolmesBy-election result reversed on petition
cGeorge Augustus Frederick CochraneJohn TeedVoid Election
c*John TeedGeorge Augustus Frederick CochraneBy-election result reversed on petition
24 March 1808MaltonuThe Lord HeadleyBryan CookeVoid Election
20 April 1808Wareham uGranby Thomas CalcraftSamuel Romilly Resignation
22 April 1808Sandwich cPeter RainierJohn Spratt RainierDeath
22 April 1808St Mawes uScrope BernardEarl GowerResignation
26 April 1808YarmouthuBenjamin Cooke GriffinhoofeJohn DelgarnoResignation
2 May 1808 Sutherland uWilliam DundasJohn Randoll MackenzieResignation
7 May 1808 Tain Burghs u John Randoll MackenzieWilliam Henry FremantleResignation to contest Sutherland
19 May 1808Rutlandu*Gerard Noel NoelCharles Noel NoelResignation
28 May 1808 Reigateu*Viscount RoystonJames CocksDeath
13 June 1808 Yarmouth u John DelgarnoViscount ValentiaResignation
25 June 1808 Great Yarmouth uStephen LushingtonGiffin WilsonResignation
11 July 1808 Cockermouth u*John OsbornViscount LowtherResignation
13 July 1808 RichmonduArthur ShakespeareLawrence DundasResignation
15 July 1808 Rye uSir William ElfordWilliam JacobResignation
27 July 1808 DundalkuPatrick Craufurd BruceThomas HughanResignation
9 August 1808 County Clarec*Francis Nathaniel BurtonAugustine FitzgeraldResignation
13 December 1808 Bossiney u*The Lord RendleshamThe Earl of DesartDeath
19 December 1808 Hampshirec*Sir Henry Paulet St. John MildmayThomas Freeman HeathcoteDeath
25 January 1809BletchingleyuThomas Freeman HeathcoteCharles CockrellResignation to contest Hampshire
25 January 1809St AlbanscJames Walter GrimstonDaniel GilesSucceeded to a peerage
27 January 1809Westburyu Glynn WynnFrancis WhittleResignation
4 February 1809 Kilkenny City u Charles Harward ButlerRobert WilliamsResignation
9 February 1809Pembroke BoroughsuHugh BarlowSir Hugh OwenDeath
14 February 1809Aylesburyu*George Henry Compton CavendishThomas HusseyDeath
14 February 1809Poolec*John JefferyBenjamin Lester LesterResignation (Consul General in Portugal)
21 February 1809Mitchellu*Charles Trelawny BreretonJohn BruceResignation
27 February 1809StamfordcAlbemarle BertieCharles ChaplinResignation pending Elevation to the House of Lords having succeeded to a peerage
27 February 1809Wigtown BurghsuEdward Richard StewartLyndon EvelynResignation (Victualling Commissioner)
28 February 1809St Mawesu*Viscount EbringtonScrope Bernard Resignation (Commission in the Army)
8 March 1809DungannonuLord Claude HamiltonClaude ScottDeath
9 March 1809 King's Lynn u*Lord WalpoleLord WalpoleSucceeded to a peerage
14 March 1809PeterboroughuFrench LaurenceMarquess of TavistockDeath
3 April 1809 Huntingdonu*William Meeke FarmerSamuel FarmerResignation
7 April 1809 Newportu*Sir Arthur WellesleyLeonard Thomas Worsley HolmesResignation
15 April 1809CasheluQuintin DickRobert PeelResignation
18 April 1809EyeuHenry WellesleyCharles ArbuthnotResignation
19 April 1809Saltashu*John PedleyMichael George PrendergastResignation
1 May 1809EdinburghshireuRobert Saunders DundasRobert Saunders Dundas Chief Secretary for Ireland
11 May 1809 Ayr Burghsu*John CampbellDuncan CampbellDeath
26 June 1809ColeraineuWalter JonesJohn Poo BeresfordResignation
30 June 1809Glasgow BurghscArchibald CampbellAlexander HoustounResignation
7 July 1809Staffordshireu*Lord Granville Leveson GowerLord Granville Leveson GowerSecretary at War
13 September 1809Pembroke Boroughsu*Sir Hugh OwenJohn OwenDeath
29 September 1809SutherlanduJohn Randoll MackenzieGeorge Macpherson GrantDeath
28 November 1809Ross-shirecAlexander Mackenzie FraserHugh InnesDeath
12 December 1809AbingdonuGeorge KnappHenry BowyerDeath
3 January 1810Buckinghamshireu*Marquess of TitchfieldWilliam Selby LowndesSucceeded to a peerage
29 January 1810DunwichuSnowdon BarneSnowdon BarneJunior Lord of the Treasury
29 January 1810NewportuThe Viscount PalmerstonThe Viscount PalmerstonSecretary at War
30 January 1810BuckinghamuThomas GrenvilleLord George GrenvilleResignation
30 January 1810MalmesburyuSir George BowyerAbel SmithResignation (Intended to stand for Abingdon)
30 January 1810Tivertonu*Richard RyderRichard RyderHome Secretary
31 January 1810Cockermouthu*Viscount LowtherViscount LowtherLord of the Admiralty
31 January 1810Milborne PortuLord PagetViscount LewishamResignation
1 February 1810Bossineyu*The Earl of DesartThe Earl of DesartJunior Lord of the Treasury
2 February 1810CamelforduLord Henry PettyHenry Peter BroughamSucceeded to a peerage
2 February 1810Scarboroughu*Charles Manners SuttonCharles Manners SuttonJudge Advocate General
5 February 1810EdinburghshireuRobert Saunders DundasRobert Saunders DundasPresident of the Board of Control
5 February 1810EnnisuWilliam FitzgeraldWilliam FitzgeraldLord of the Irish Treasury
9 February 1810Queen's Countyu*William Wellesley PoleWilliam Wellesley PoleChief Secretary for Ireland
10 February 1810County Louthu*John JocelynViscount JocelynResignation (Commissioner of Customs in Ireland)
12 February 1810Limerick CityuCharles VerekerCharles VerekerConstable of Limerick Castle
16 February 1810Essexc*John BullockJohn Archer HoublonDeath
16 February 1810Richmondu*Charles Lawrence DundasRobert ChalonerDeath
27 February 1810LudgershalluThomas EverettJoseph Hague EverettDeath
3 March 1810 Plympton ErleuWilliam Assheton HarbordHenry DrummondSucceeded to a peerage
3 March 1810Wexford BoroughuRichard NevillPeter ParkerResignation
10 March 1810New WoodstockuWilliam Frederick Elliot EdenGeorge EdenDeath
14 March 1810New Windsoru*Richard RamsbottomJohn RamsbottomResignation
16 March 1810Cambridgeshireu*Charles Philip YorkeLord Francis Godolphin OsborneTeller of the Exchequer
19 March 1810Hythec*Thomas GodfreySir John PerringDeath
24 March 1810WestburyuFrancis WhittleJohn De PonthieuResignation
10 April 1810Marlboroughu*Viscount StopfordEdward StopfordSucceeded to a peerage
16 April 1810Callingtonu*Thomas CarterWilliam Stephen PoyntzResignation
27 April 1810St GermansuJoseph Sydney YorkeCharles Philip YorkeResignation to provide a seat for his brother
2 May 1810Renfrewshirec*William McDowallArchibald SpeirsDeath
18 May 1810GloucestershireuGeorge Cranfield BerkeleyViscount DursleyResignation
25 May 1810St GermansuCharles Philip YorkeCharles Philip YorkeFirst Lord of the Admiralty
1 June 1810QueenboroughcJoseph HuntRichard WellesleyExpelled for embezzling public funds
15 June 1810Higham Ferrersu William WindhamViscount DuncannonDeath
28 Jun 1810BletchingleyuWilliam KenrickWilliam KenrickMaster of the Household
29 June 1810Weymouth and Melcombe RegisuGabriel Tucker StewardSir John Lowther JohnstoneResignation
30 June 1810Riponu*Frederick John RobinsonFrederick John RobinsonLord of the Admiralty
2 July 1810TrurouCharles Frederick Powlett TownshendWilliam John BankesSucceeded to a peerage
6 July 1810Angleseyu*Berkeley PagetBerkeley PagetJunior Lord of the Treasury
13 July 1810Dunbartonshireu*Henry GlassfordArchibald Campbell-ColquhounResignation
13 July 1810Elgin BurghsuArchibald Campbell-ColquhounWilliam DundasResignation to contest Dunbartonshire
8 October 1810 Northamptonu*Edward BouverieWilliam HanburyDeath
21 November 1810Amershamu*Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt-DrakeWilliam Tyrwhitt-DrakeDeath
5 December 1810Milborne Portu*Viscount LewishamEdward PagetSucceeded to a peerage
7 December 1810YarmouthuViscount ValentiaThomas MyersResignation
28 December 1810Brackleyu*Anthony HendersonHenry WrottesleyDeath
16 January 1811County Limerickc*William OdellWilliam OdellLord of the Irish Treasury
7 February 1811Gloucestershirec*Viscount DursleySir Berkeley William GuiseVacated seat to claim peerage
14 February 1811Ashburtonu*Walter PalkJohn SullivanResignation
22 March 1811Ayrshirec* David BoyleSir Hew Dalrymple HamiltonResignation (Lord of Session and Justiciary in Scotland)
27 March 1811Cambridge Universityc*Earl of EustonThe Viscount PalmerstonSucceeded to a peerage
28 March 1811Galway Boroughu*James DalyFrederick PonsonbyResignation
10 April 1811NewportuThe Viscount PalmerstonCecil BisshoppResignation to contest Cambridge University
19 April 1811LudgershalluJoseph Hague EverettThe Lord HeadleyResignation
1 May 1811Tauntonu*John HammetHenry Powell CollinsDeath
10 May 1811Lewesu*Thomas KempThomas Read KempDeath
11 May 1811Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u*Sir James PulteneySir John MurrayDeath
14 May 1811Wootton BassettcSir John MurrayRobert KnightResignation to contest Weymouth
15 May 1811County Antrim u*John Bruce Richard O'NeillJohn Bruce Richard O'NeillConstable of Dublin Castle
29 May 1811Dorchesteru*Cropley Ashley CooperCharles Henry BouverieSucceeded to a peerage
1 June 1811Haslemereu*Robert WardRobert WardClerk of the Ordnance
17 June 1811King's Lynnu*Lord WalpoleLord WalpoleLord of the Admiralty
22 June 1811CrickladeuLord PorchesterWilliam HerbertSucceeded to a peerage
24 June 1811Abingdonu*Henry BowyerSir George Bowyer Resignation
25 June 1811Kinross-shireuDavid ClephaneThomas GrahamResignation (Commissioner of Excise in Scotland)
28 June 1811County Waterfordu*John Claudius BeresfordSir William Carr BeresfordResignation
1 July 1811Wexford Boroughu*Peter ParkerRichard NevillResignation
6 July 1811Edinburghshireu*Robert Saunders DundasSir George ClerkSucceeded to a peerage
12 July 1811Queen's Countyu*William Wellesley PoleWilliam Wellesley PoleChancellor of the Irish Exchequer
20 August 1811 Anstruther Easter Burghsu*Sir John AnstrutherSir John AnstrutherDeath
26 August 1811 CaithnessuSir John SinclairGeorge SinclairResignation (Cashier of Excise in Scotland)
14 October 1811Yorku*Sir William Mordaunt MilnerLawrence DundasDeath
23 October 1811Totnesu*William AdamsThomas Peregrine CourtenayDeath
4 November 1811Inverness Burghsu*Peter BaillieCharles GrantDeath
23 December 1811Shrewsburyu*Thomas JonesHenry Grey BennetDeath
11 January 1812East GrinsteaduSir Nathaniel HollandRichard WellesleyDeath
13 January 1812Lewesu*Henry ShelleyGeorge ShiffnerDeath
15 January 1812AldeburghuJohn McMahonJohn McMahonReceiver and Paymaster of the Royal Bounty to Officers’ Widows
15 January 1812Queenboroughu*Richard WellesleyRobert MoorsomJunior Lord of the Treasury
15 January 1812WeobleyuLord GuernseyLord ApsleyResignation (Commission in the Army)
16 January 1812BarnstaplecGeorge Woodford ThellussonWilliam BuskDeath
17 January 1812West LooeuJames BullerJoseph Sydney YorkeResignation (Clerk of the Privy Council)
18 January 1812Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Sir John Lowther JohnstoneJoseph HumeDeath
21 January 1812RichmonduLawrence DundasGeorge Heneage Lawrence Dundas Resignation to contest York
8 February 1812Derbyu*William CavendishHenry Frederick Compton CavendishDeath
21 February 1812DundalkuThomas HughanFrederick William TrenchDeath
26 February 1812Kincardineshireu*William AdamGeorge Harley DrummondResignation
7 March 1812Plympton ErleuViscount CastlereaghViscount CastlereaghForeign Secretary
9 March 1812East GrinsteaduRichard WellesleyGeorge William Gunning Resignation
14 March 1812Wootton Bassettu*Benjamin WalshJohn AttersollExpelled for Fraud
19 March 1812Perthshirec*Lord James MurrayJames Andrew John Lawrence Charles DrummondResignation
26 March 1812Edinburghu*Sir Patrick MurrayWilliam DundasResignation
1 April 1812LisburnuEarl of YarmouthEarl of YarmouthVice-Chamberlain of the Household
13 April 1812AldeburghuJohn McMahonSandford GrahamResignation (Keeper of the Privy Purse)
13 April 1812Bostonc*Thomas FydellPeter Robert Drummond BurrellDeath
13 April 1812Elgin BurghsuWilliam DundasArchibald CampbellResignation to contest Edinburgh
13 April 1812Northumberlandu*Earl PercySir Charles MonckElevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
20 April 1812County Louthu*Viscount JocelynViscount JocelynTreasurer of the Household
21 April 1812Hastingsu*Sir Abraham HumeSir Abraham Hume Resignation to contest Boston
8 May 1812LauncestonuRichard Henry Alexander BennetJonathan RaineResignation
9 May 1812County Antrimu*John Bruce Richard O'NeillJohn Bruce Richard O'NeillVoted before taking the oath
26 May 1812Northamptonu*Spencer PercevalLord ComptonDeath (assassinated)
30 May 1812County DownuFrancis SavageRobert WardResignation
30 May 1812Old Sarumu*Nicholas VansittartJames AlexanderChancellor of the Exchequer
6 June 1812Staffordshireu*Sir Edward LittletonEdward John WalhouseDeath
8 June 1812East GrinsteaduGeorge William GunningNicholas Vansittart Resignation to provide a seat for Vansittart
9 June 1812Cambridge Universityu*Sir Vicary GibbsJohn Henry SmythResignation (Puisne Judge in the Court of Common Pleas)
22 June 1812Plymouthu*Thomas TyrwhittBenjamin BloomfieldResignation (Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod)
30 Jun 1812Colchesteru*Richard Hart DavisHart Davis Resignation to contest Bristol
1 July 1812Bodminu*Sir William OglanderCharles Bragge BathurstResignation
3 July 1812Downtonu*Sir Thomas PlumerSir Thomas PlumerAttorney General for England and Wales
7 July 1812Grampoundu*George Augustus Frederick CochraneAndrew James Cochrane Johnstone Resignation
15 Jul 1812Bristolc*Charles Bragge BathurstRichard Hart DavisChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
6 August 1812AshburtonuLord Charles BentinckLord Charles BentinckTreasurer of the Household
u*John SullivanJohn SullivanCommissioner of the Board of Control

5th Parliament (1812–1818)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
21 December 1812ArundeluHenry Thomas Howard MolyneuxSamuel RomillyChose to sit for Gloucester
21 December 1812MidhurstuGeorge SmithViscount MahonChose to sit for Wendover
21 December 1812RyeuSir Henry SullivanCharles WetherellChose to sit for Lincoln
22 December 1812LudgershalluMagens Dorrien MagensSandford GrahamResignation
Joseph Hague EverettJoseph BirchResignation
22 December 1812Pontefractc*Henry LascellesViscount PollingtonChose to sit for Yorkshire
23 December 1812CockermouthuJohn LowtherAugustus John FosterChose to sit for Cumberland
24 December 1812Petersfieldu*George CanningGeorge Canning IIChose to sit for Liverpool
26 December 1812Plympton ErleuGeorge DuckettWilliam DouglasResignation
28 December 1812BletchingleyuSir Charles TalbotRobert William NewmanDeath
28 December 1812DorchesteruCharles Henry BouverieWilliam A'courtChose to sit for Downton
29 December 1812ApplebyuJohn CourtenayGeorge TierneyResignation to provide a seat for Tierney
30 December 1812ClitheroeuViscount CastlereaghEdward Bootle WilbrahamChose to sit for County Down
2 January 1813DundalkuJohn MetgeLyndon EvelynResignation
2 January 1813MalmesburyuSir Charles SaxtonPeter PattenChose to sit for Cashel
4 January 1813EnnisuJames FitzgeraldWilliam FitzgeraldResignation
12 February 1813New RomneyuSir John Thomas DuckworthSir John Thomas DuckworthSeeks re-election due an irregularity in his return
13 February 1813Mitchell uGeorge Robert HobartEdward LawResignation
13 February 1813Wexford BoroughuRichard NevillJohn FishResignation (ill health)
17 February 1813SalisburycWilliam HusseyGeorge Purefoy-JervoiseDeath
4 March 1813CallingtonuSir John Leman RogersCharles Rodolph TrefusisResignation
6 March 1813BuckinghamshireuEarl TempleThomas GrenvilleSucceeded to a peerage
11 March 1813Wootton Bassettu*James KibblewhiteRichard EllisonResignation
19 March 1813Pembroke BoroughsuJohn OwenSir Thomas PictonChose to sit for Pembrokeshire
29 March 1813RyeuCharles WetherellRichard ArkwrightChose to sit for Shaftesbury
5 April 1813Sligo BoroughuGeorge Canning IIJoshua SpencerChose to sit for Petersfield
6 April 1813Wootton BassettuJohn AttersollRobert RickardsResignation
10 April 1813County MonaghanuRichard Thomas DawsonThomas Charles Stewart CorryBecame an Irish Peer
17 April 1813St MawesuWilliam ShipleyFrancis HornerResignation
24 April 1813Orfordu*Edmond Alexander MacNaghtenEdmond Alexander MacNaghtenLord of the Irish Treasury
26 April 1813DowntonuSir Thomas PlumerSir Thomas Brooke PechellResignation (Vice Chancellor)
27 April 1813DowntonuCharles Henry BouverieEdward Golding Resignation
4 May 1813TavistockuRichard FitzpatrickLord John RussellDeath
10 May 1813EyeuSir William GarrowSir William GarrowAttorney General for England and Wales
9 June 1813Weymouth and Melcombe Regisc*Thomas WallaceMasterton UreVoid Election
cJohn BroadhurstChristopher Idle
Henry TrailViscount Cranborne
17 June 1813TraleeuHenry Arthur HerbertJames Evan BaillieResignation
22 June 1813WeobleyuViscount St. AsaphJames Lenox William NaperDeath
25 June 1813NairnshireuHugh RoseSir James MackintoshResignation
16 July 1813Haddington BurghsuThomas MaitlandAnthony MaitlandResignation (Governor of Malta)
21 July 1813OkehamptonuThe Lord GravesThe Lord GravesLord of the Bedchamber
20 September 1813County Durhamu*Sir Henry Vane TempestJohn George LambtonDeath
10 November 1813New WoodstockuWilliam ThorntonGeorge EdenResignation
12 November 1813Riponu*Frederick John RobinsonFrederick John RobinsonJoint Paymaster of the Forces
22 November 1813SurreycSir Thomas SuttonSamuel ThorntonDeath
22 November 1813Westmorlandu*The Lord MuncasterViscount LowtherDeath
27 November 1813CockermouthuViscount LowtherThomas WallaceJunior Lord of the Treasury
4 December 1813HedonuGeorge JohnstoneJohn BroadhurstDeath
10 December 1813Durham CitycRichard John LambtonGeorge AllanResignation
20 December 1813Carmarthenu*George CampbellJohn Frederick CampbellResignation
30 December 1813Monmouth Boroughsu*Lord Charles Henry SomersetMarquess of WorcesterResignation (Governor of the Cape Colony)
19 January 1814Inverness BurghsuCharles GrantCharles GrantJunior Lord of the Treasury
5 March 1814County Mayoc*Henry Augustus Dillon LeeDominick BrowneBecame an Irish Peer
11 March 1814EyeuSir William GarrowSir William GarrowChief Justice of Chester
23 March 1814County Kildareu*Lord Henry FitzgeraldLord William Charles O'Brien FitzgeraldResignation
11 April 1814Dorchesteru*William A'courtSamuel ShepherdResignation
11 April 1814NottinghamshireuLord William Henry Cavendish BentinckFrank FrankResignation
16 April 1814Newtonu*Peter HeronThomas LeghResignation
21 April 1814Inverness BurghsuCharles GrantCharles GrantVoted before taking the oath
25 April 1814County Waterfordu*Richard PowerRichard PowerDeath
28 April 1814TrurouJohn LemonGeorge DashwoodDeath
9 May 1814MarlboroughuLord BruceWilliam HillSucceeded to a peerage
9 May 1814Rutlandu*Charles Noel NoelSir Gerard Noel NoelResignation
19 May 1814NewarkuSir Stapleton CottonGeorge Hay Dawkins PennantElevated to the peerage
21 May 1814Lincolnu*Sir Henry SullivanConingsby Waldo SibthorpDeath
25 May 1814County Waterfordu*Sir William Carr BeresfordLord George Thomas BeresfordElevated to the peerage
27 May 1814Kilkenny Cityu*Overington BlundenCharles Harward BlundenResignation
27 May 1814Shrewsburyc*Sir Rowland HillRichard LysterElevated to the peerage
10 June 1814Coleraineu*Lord George Thomas BeresfordSir John Poo BeresfordResignation to contest County Waterford
14 June 1814New WoodstockuGeorge EdenWilliam ThorntonSucceeded to a peerage
22 June 1814HuntingdonshireuViscount HinchingbrookeLord ProbySucceeded to a peerage
24 June 1814NorthallertonuViscount LascellesJohn Bacon Sawrey MorrittDeath
13 July 1814GrampoundcAndrew James Cochrane JohnstoneEbenezer John CollettExpelled for conspiracy
16 July 1814WestminsteruLord CochraneLord CochraneExpelled for conspiracy
19 July 1814County LondonderryuCharles William StewartAlexander StewartElevated to the peerage
25 July 1814Roxburghshireu*Viscount MelgundAlexander DonSucceeded to a peerage
2 August 1814MitchelluJohn BruceCharles Trelawny BreretonResignation
3 August 1814BewdleyuMiles Peter AndrewsCharles Edward WilsonnDeath
4 August 1814LymingtonuJohn KingstonJohn TaylorResignation
8 August 1814Chichesteru*William HuskissonWilliam HuskissonFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
9 August 1814Wexford Boroughu*John FishRichard NevillResignation
10 August 1814Edinburghu*William DundasWilliam DundasKeeper of the Signet
12 August 1814AldboroughuHenry DawkinsHenry Gally KnightResignation
12 August 1814Queen's Countyu*William Wellesley PoleWilliam Wellesley PoleMaster of the Mint
16 September 1814BelfastuSir Edward MayStephen Edward MayDeath
25 October 1814Ross-shireuWilliam Frederick MackenzieCharles Mackenzie FraserDeath
7 November 1814Cardiff BoroughsuLord William StuartLord Evelyn James StuartDeath
18 November 1814NewtownuBarrington Pope BlachfordBarrington Pope BlachfordLord of the Admiralty
22 November 1814NewportuRichard Fleming Worsley HolmesJohn DelgarnoDeath
24 November 1814AylesburyuThomas HusseyCharles Compton CavendishResignation
24 November 1814BletchingleyuWilliam KenrickJohn BollandResignation
28 November 1814GlamorganshireuThomas WyndhamBenjamin HallDeath
5 December 1814MitchelluCharles Trelawny BreretonLord BinningResignation
5 December 1814Westburyu*Benjamin HallRalph FrancoResignation to contest Glamorganshire
17 February 1815SouthwarkcHenry ThorntonCharles BarclayDeath
9 March 1815Downpatrickc*Charles Stewart HawthorneViscount GlerawlyResignation (Commissioner of Excise in Ireland)
24 March 1815Bandon BridgeuRichard Boyle BernardWilliam Sturges BourneResignation
27 March 1815Sligo BoroughuJoshua SpencerSir Brent SpencerResignation
31 March 1815Thirsku*William FranklandRobert FranklandResignation
14 April 1815East GrinsteaduJames StephenSir George Johnstone HopeResignation
4 May 1815Aldboroughu*Henry Gally KnightGranville Venables VernonResignation
26 June 1815LudgershalluSandford GrahamCharles Nicholas PallmerResignation
3 July 1815Pembroke BoroughsuSir Thomas PictonJohn JonesDeath (Killed in Action)
17 July 1815BedforduSamuel WhitbreadWilliam WaldegraveDeath
19 July 1815Wellsu*Clement TudwayJohn Paine TudwayDeath
21 July 1815Winchelseau*William John Frederick Vane PowlettHenry Peter BroughamResignation to contest Durham
22 July 1815Newcastle-under-LymecEarl GowerSir John ChetwodeResignation to contest Staffordshire
31 July 1815Staffordshireu*Lord Granville Leveson GowerEarl GowerResignation pending elevation to the peerage
1 August 1815County Durhamu*Viscount BarnardWilliam John Frederick Vane PowlettResignation (Commission in the Army)
7 August 1815ClackmannanshireuGeorge AbercrombySir John AbercrombyResignation
7 August 1815County Londonderryu*William PonsonbyGeorge Robert DawsonDeath
23 September 1815County ArmaghuWilliam BrownlowHenry CaulfeildDeath
12 October 1815Oxfordshireu*Lord Francis Almeric SpencerWilliam Henry AshhurstElevation to the peerage
12 February 1816WinchelseauCalverley BewickeViscount BarnardDeath
13 February 1816County Wicklowu*William Hoare HumeGranville Leveson ProbyDeath
13 February 1816Corfe Castleu*Peter William BakerGeorge BankesDeath
14 February 1816SeaforduJohn LeachSir Charles CockerellResignation
20 February 1816Weobleyu*William Lennox BathurstLord Frederick Cavendish BentinckResignation (Deputy Teller of the Exchequer)
23 February 1816Calneu*Joseph JekyllJames MacdonaldResignation
29 February 1816Staffordshire u*Earl GowerEarl GowerVoted before taking oath
1 March 1816Cockermouthu*Augustus John FosterJohn Henry LowtherResignation
1 March 1816Portarlingtonu*Arthur ShakespeareRichard SharpResignation
4 March 1816YarmouthuSir Henry Conyngham MontgomeryJohn Leslie FosterResignation
6 March 1816Sutherlandu*James MacdonaldGeorge Macpherson GrantResignation to contest Calne
8 March 1816Carlislec*Henry FawcettJohn Christian CurwenDeath
11 March 1816West LooeuCharles BullerHenry William Fitzgerald De RosResignation
u*Anthony BullerCharles HulseResignation (Puisne Judge at Madras)
12 March 1816Mineheadu*John Fownes LuttrellHenry Fownes LuttrellDeath
13 March 1816Lewesc*Thomas Read KempSir John ShelleyResignation
19 March 1816Newport (Cornwall)u*Jonathan RaineJonathan RaineKing's Counsel
21 March 1816Haddingtonshireu*Charles HopeSir James SuttieResignation
26 March 1816LostwithieluReginald Pole CarewViscount ValletortResignation
29 March 1816Lyme Regisu*Lord BurghershJohn Thomas FaneResignation
2 April 1816Droitwichu*Sir Thomas Edward WinningtonThe Earl of SeftonResignation
15 April 1816East Looeu*David VanderheydenThomas Potter MacQueenResignation
15 April 1816NewportuJohn DelgarnoGeorge Watson TaylorResignation
16 April 1816Peterboroughu*George PonsonbyWilliam LambResignation to contest Wicklow
18 April 1816County CarlowuDavid LatoucheRobert Anthony LatoucheDeath
19 April 1816County WicklowuWilliam TigheGeorge PonsonbyDeath
3 May 1816BelfastuStephen Edward MayJohn MichelResignation (Collector of Customs at Belfast)
8 May 1816Armagh CityuPatrick DuigenanDaniel Webb WebberDeath
9 May 1816Dartmouthu*Edmund Pollexfen BastardJohn BastardResignation to contest Devon
10 May 1816RyeuThomas Phillipps LambJohn MaberlyResignation
13 May 1816Devonc*John Pollexfen BastardEdmund Pollexfen BastardDeath
17 May 1816Warwicku*Lord BrookeSir Charles John GrevilleSucceeded to a peerage
20 May 1816Monmouthshireu*Lord Arthur John Henry SomersetLord Granville SomersetDeath
27 May 1816Cardiganshireu*Thomas JohnesWilliam Edward PowellDeath
29 May 1816Monmouth Boroughsu*Marquess of WorcesterMarquess of WorcesterLord of the Admiralty
3 June 1816Newtownu*Barrington Pope BlachfordHudson GurneyDeath
5 June 1816BuckinghamuViscount EbringtonViscount EbringtonResignation to contest Devon
7 June 1816MitchelluLord BinningLord BinningCommissioner of the Board of Control
12 June 1816Liverpoolc*George CanningGeorge CanningPresident of the Board of Control
12 June 1816Milborne Portu*Sir Edward PagetSir Edward PagetGroom of the Bedchamber
15 June 1816GattonuSir William CongreveMark WoodResignation
27 June 1816Rochesterc*Sir James Boulden ThompsonJames BarnettResignation (Treasurer and Receiver General of Greenwich Hospital)
3 July 1816YarmouthuJohn Leslie FosterJohn Leslie FosterAdvocate General for Ireland
8 July 1816Nottinghamshireu*Viscount NewarkLord William Henry Cavendish BentinckSucceeded to a peerage
8 July 1816Wootton Bassettc*Robert RickardsWilliam Taylor MoneyResignation (ill-health)
12 July 1816Plympton Erleu*William DouglasAlexander BoswellResignation
19 July 1816Dunbartonshireu*Archibald Campbell ColquhounArchibald Campbell ColquhounLord Clerk Register
2 August 1816WigtownshireuWilliam StewartJames Hunter BlairResignation
13 August 1816Whitchurchu*William Augustus TownshendHoratio George Powys TownshendDeath
1 October 1816Gloucesterc*Robert MorrisEdward WebbDeath
5 October 1816LincolnshirecCharles ChaplinWilliam CustDeath
7 October 1816Dunwichu*The Lord HuntingfieldThe Lord HuntingfieldDeath
9 October 1816Portsmouthu*Sir Thomas MillerJohn CarterDeath
11 November 1816Wiltonu*Charles HerbertViscount FitzHarrisDeath
5 December 1816Worcestershireu*Viscount ElmleyHenry Beauchamp LygonSucceeded to a peerage
23 December 1816Worcesteru*Abraham RobartsViscount DeerhurstDeath
3 February 1817MidhurstuViscount MahonSir Oswald MosleySucceeded to a peerage
6 February 1817Hertfordu*Edward Spencer CowperViscount CranborneResignation
8 February 1817MalmesburyuWilliam Hicks BeachSir William AbdyResignation
10 February 1817Londonderry Cityu*Sir George Fitzgerald HillSir George Fitzgerald HillVice-Treasurer of Ireland
18 February 1817YarmouthuRichard WellesleyAlexander MaconochieResignation
21 February 1817Castle Risingu*Augustus Cavendish BradshawEarl of RocksavageResignation
26 February 1817County Downu*John MeadeLord Arthur Moyses William HillResignation (Consul-General in Spain)
6 March 1817Rochesteru*James BarnettJames BarnettVoid Election
12 March 1817St Mawesu*Francis HornerJoseph PhillimoreDeath
12 March 1817TavistockuLord John RussellLord Robert SpencerResignation
17 March 1817ColchesteruRobert ThorntonSir William BurroughsResignation
28 March 1817Bridportu*William Draper BestHenry Charles SturtResignation (Puisne Justice of Chester)
11 April 1817ClackmannanshireuSir John AbercrombyAlexander AbercrombyDeath
14 April 1817Weymouth and Melcombe RegisuViscount CranborneAdolphus John DalrympleResignation to contest Hertford
14 May 1817Dorchesteru*Sir Samuel ShepherdSir Samuel ShepherdAttorney General for England and Wales
16 May 1817Eyeu*Sir William GarrowRobert GiffordResignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
24 May 1817Norfolkc*Sir Jacob Henry AstleyEdmund WodehouseDeath
10 June 1817Londonu*Harvey Christian CombeMatthew WoodResignation
10 June 1817Oxford Universityu*Charles AbbotRobert PeelElevation to the peerage
12 June 1817BossineyuThe Earl of DesartWilliam Yates PeelResignation
19 June 1817ChippenhamuRobert PeelJohn MaitlandResignation to contest Oxford University
23 June 1817BuckinghamuViscount EbringtonJames Hamilton StanhopeResignation
28 June 1817Ludgershallu*Charles Nicholas PallmerThe Earl of CarhamptonResignation
22 July 1817Harwichu*Nicholas VansittartNicholas VansittartChancellor of the Exchequer of Ireland
25 July 1817Limerick Cityc*Charles VerekerJohn Prendergast VerekerBecame an Irish Peer
12 August 1817County Wicklowu*George PonsonbyWilliam Parnell HayesDeath
6 September 1817GlamorganshireuBenjamin HallSir Christopher ColeDeath
5 November 1817New RomneyuSir John Thomas DuckworthCholmeley DeringDeath
3 February 1818Riponu*Frederick John RobinsonFrederick John RobinsonTreasurer of the Navy
6 February 1818CockermouthuThomas WallaceThomas WallaceVice-President of the Board of Trade
14 February 1818Plymouthu*Benjamin BloomfieldSir William CongreveResignation (Keeper of the Privy Purse)
18 February 1818YarmouthuAlexander MaconochieJohn Singleton CopleyResignation to contest Anstruther
19 February 1818Colchesterc*Hart DavisJames Beckford WildmanResignation (Ill health)
26 February 1818St Albansc*Joseph Thompson HalseyWilliam Tierney RobartsDeath
6 March 1818Christchurchu*George RoseGeorge Henry RoseDeath
7 March 1818Southamptonu*George Henry RoseWilliam ChamberlayneClerk of the Parliaments
14 March 1818Anstruther Easter Burghsu*Sir John Carmichael AnstrutherAlexander MaconochieDeath
18 March 1818Winchesteru*Richard MeylerJames Henry LeighDeath
21 March 1818Great Bedwynu*James Henry LeighJohn Jacob BuxtonResignation to contest Winchester
1 May 1818YarmouthuJohn Leslie FosterJohn Leslie FosterSecond Counsel to the Commissioners of Revenue in Ireland
13 May 1818East Grinsteadu*Sir George Johnstone HopeLord StrathavonDeath


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