List of Northern Ireland Parliament by-elections

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This is a list of by-elections to the Northern Ireland House of Commons, from its creation in 1921 until its abolition in 1972.

Date Constituency Incumbent Winner Cause
2 May 1923 Belfast West William Twaddell UUP Philip James Woods Independent Unionist Death
6 November 1925 Belfast South Philip James Woods UUP Anthony Babington UUP Declined seat in favour of Belfast West
25 November 1925 Armagh Richard Best UUP John Clarke Davison UUP Appointed Lord Justice of Appeal
10 November 1930 North Tyrone William Thomas Miller UUP James Fulton Gamble UUP Death
4 June 1934 Belfast Central Joseph Devlin Nationalist Thomas Joseph Campbell Nationalist Death
22 March 1935 Queen's University of Belfast Robert McNeill Independent Unionist Arthur Brownlow Mitchell UUP Resignation
2 April 1937 Belfast Ballynafeigh Thomas Moles UUP Frederick Thompson UUP Death
7 May 1937 Foyle James Joseph McCarroll Nationalist Patrick Maxwell Nationalist Death
27 May 1937 Larne George Boyle Hanna UUP Harold Claude Robinson UUP Resignation
29 September 1938 Mid Armagh John Clarke Davison UUP Norman Stronge UUP Resignation
5 December 1938 Queen's University of Belfast Robert James Johnstone UUP Howard Stevenson UUP Death
27 April 1939 City of Londonderry Edward Sullivan Murphy UUP William Lowry UUP Death
10 November 1939 Bannside George Charles Gillespie Young UUP Malcolm Patrick UUP Death
15 March 1941 Central Armagh David Shillington UUP George Dougan UUP Death
27 March 1941 North Down James Craig UUP Thomas Bailie Independent Unionist Death
2 July 1941 Mid Tyrone Hugh McAleer Nationalist Michael McGurk Independent Nationalist Death
3 December 1941 Belfast Willowfield Arthur Black UUP Harry Midgley NI Labour Resignation
2 April 1942 Belfast Falls Richard Byrne Nationalist Eamonn Donnelly Independent Republican Death
19 October 1942 Queen's University of Belfast Arthur Brownlow Mitchell UUP William Lyle UUP Death
2 July 1943 Queen's University of Belfast Robert Corkey UUP John W. Renshaw UUP Resignation
11 August 1943 North Tyrone James Gamble UUP Thomas Lyons UUP Death
26 August 1943 Carrick John Fawcett Gordon UUP John Dermot Campbell UUP Resignation
13 December 1944 Queen's University of Belfast John MacDermott UUP Herbert Quin UUP Appointed High Court Judge
12 April 1945 South Tyrone Rowley Elliott UUP W. F. McCoy UUP Death
19 April 1945 Carrick John Dermot Campbell UUP Lancelot Curran UUP Death
19 April 1945 Larne Harold Claude Robinson UUP Walter Topping UUP Death
15 October 1945 North Antrim Robert Lynn UUP William McCleery UUP Death
22 August 1946 Belfast Central Thomas Joseph Campbell Nationalist Frank Hanna NI Labour Resignation
7 November 1946 Bannside Malcolm Patrick UUP Terence O'Neill UUP Death
27 June 1947 City of Londonderry William Lowry UUP James Godfrey MacManaway UUP Resignation
20 April 1948 Queen's University, Belfast Frederick McSorley Independent Samuel Irwin UUP Death
16 August 1948 Mid Tyrone Michael McGurk Nationalist Edward McCullagh Nationalist Death
24 October 1949 Enniskillen Erne Ferguson UUP Thomas Charles Nelson UUP Resignation
15 November 1949 Queen's University, Belfast William Lyle UUP Frederick Lloyd-Dodd UUP Death
29 November 1949 Belfast Duncairn William Grant UUP George Boyle Hanna UUP Death
20 January 1959 Carrick Lancelot Curran UUP Alexander Hunter UUP Resignation
4 April 1950 Belfast Woodvale John William Nixon Independent Unionist Robert Harcourt UUP Death
31 October 1950 Belfast Bloomfield Herbert Dixon UUP Daniel Dixon UUP Death
6 December 1950 South Armagh Malachy Conlon Nationalist Charles McGleenan Anti-Partition Death
2 February 1951 Antrim Hugh Minford UUP Nat Minford UUP Death
18 June 1951 City of Londonderry James Godfrey MacManaway UUP Edward Warburton Jones UUP Resignation
10 December 1951 South Antrim John Milne Barbour UUP Brian McConnell UUP Death
8 May 1954 Enniskillen Thomas Charles Nelson UUP Harry West UUP Death
15 October 1955 Central Armagh George Dougan UUP Isaac Hawthorne UUP Death
15 November 1955 Belfast Woodvale Robert Harcourt UUP Neville Martin UUP Elected Lord Mayor of Belfast
23 November 1956 Belfast Windsor Archibald Wilson UUP Herbert Kirk UUP Resignation
4 December 1956 Belfast Duncairn George Boyle Hanna UUP William Fitzsimmons UUP Resignation
5 March 1959 West Down John Edgar Bailey UUP David John Little UUP Death
28 May 1959 Belfast Clifton Robin Kinahan UUP William James Morgan UUP Elected Lord Mayor of Belfast
5 February 1960 Larne Walter Topping UUP William Craig UUP Resignation
16 February 1960 Belfast Shankill Henry Holmes UUP Desmond Boal UUP Resignation
9 July 1960 South Londonderry Dehra Parker UUP James Chichester-Clark UUP Resignation
29 November 1960 North Londonderry Robert Moore UUP Joseph Burns UUP Death
20 April 1961 Belfast Bloomfield Daniel Dixon UUP Walter Scott UUP Resignation
22 November 1961 Queen's University, Belfast Samuel Irwin UUP Sheelagh Murnaghan Liberal Death
6 December 1962 Belfast Cromac Joseph Morgan UUP William Kennedy UUP Death
9 May 1964 Iveagh Brian Maginess UUP Samuel Magowan UUP Appointed County Court Judge
30 June 1964 East Tyrone Joseph Francis Stewart Nationalist Austin Currie Nationalist Death
3 December 1964 Mid Down John L. O. Andrews UUP Basil Kelly UUP Elected to Senate
19 June 1965 West Down David John Little UUP John Dobson UUP Appointed Recorder of Londonderry
23 November 1966 Queen's University, Belfast Charles Stewart Independent Robert Porter UUP Resignation
25 May 1967 South Down Joseph Connellan Nationalist Michael Keogh Nationalist Death
22 March 1968 Lisnaskea Basil Brooke UUP John Brooke UUP Resignation
16 May 1968 City of Londonderry Edward Warburton Jones UUP Albert Anderson UUP Appointed High Court Judge
6 November 1968 South Antrim Brian McConnell UUP Richard Ferguson UUP Resignation
16 April 1970 Bannside Terence O'Neill UUP Ian Paisley Protestant Unionist Resignation
16 April 1970 South Antrim Richard Ferguson UUP William Beattie Protestant Unionist Resignation
12 November 1970 Belfast St Anne's Norman Laird UUP John Laird UUP Death


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