Dungannon (UK Parliament constituency)

Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Replaced by South Tyrone

Dungannon was a United Kingdom Parliament constituency, in Ireland, returning one MP. It was an original constituency represented in Parliament when the Union of Great Britain and Ireland took effect on 1 January 1801.


This constituency was the Parliamentary borough of Dungannon in County Tyrone.

Members of Parliament

Election Member Party
1801 Hon. John Knox[1]
1801 by-election Sir Charles Hamilton, Bt
1802 Hon. George Knox[2]
1803 by-election Sir Charles Hamilton, Bt
1806 Hon. George Knox[2]
1807 by-election James Hamilton, Viscount Hamilton
1807 Lord Claude Hamilton
1809 by-election Claude Scott
1812 George Peter Holford
1818 Hon. Thomas Knox
28 December 1830 John James Knox Conservative
1837 Viscount Northland (2nd) Conservative
1838 by-election Viscount Northland (3rd) Conservative
1851 by-election William Stuart Knox Conservative
1874 Thomas Alexander Dickson Liberal
1880 by-election[3] James Dickson Liberal
1885 constituency abolished


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  1. Knox was returned in the ballot for Irish borough constituencies held in December 1800. However, he had been lost at sea the previous month while on his way to take up the post of Governor of Jamaica. This was not known at the time of the ballot. No writ to replace him was issued until 4 Nov 1801
  2. 1 2 At both the 1802 and 1806 elections, George Knox was also returned for Dublin University, and chose to sit for that seat rather than for Dungannon.
  3. Thomas Alexander Dickson had been re-elected at the general election in April 1880, but his election was declared void on 10 June 1880


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