Treasurer of the Navy

Navy Treasury, Broad Street, where the Treasurer had his official residence and offices from 1664-1789

The Treasurer of the Navy was an office in the British government between the mid-16th and early 19th century. The office-holder was responsible for the financial maintenance of the Royal Navy. The office was a political appointment, and frequently was held by up-and-coming young politicians who would later go on to hold more important positions. The post was abolished in 1836 and its functions incorporated into those of the Paymaster-General.[1]

Treasurers of the Navy: 15461835

Service Name Notes
25 Apr 15468 Jul 1549 Robert Legge
8 Jul 154918 Nov 1577 Benjamin Gonson[2]
18 Nov 157726 Nov 1577 Benjamin Gonson and John Hawkins
26 Nov 157712 Nov 1595 John Hawkins Knighted 26 July 1588
22 Dec 159826 Apr 1604 Fulk Greville [3]
26 Apr 160411 May 1618 Sir Robert Mansell
11 May 16185 Apr 1627 Sir William Russell created baronet 12 March 1627
5 Apr 162721 Jan 1630 Sackville Crowe created baronet 8 July 1627
16301639 Sir William Russell
1639-1642Sir William Russell and Henry Vane
1642-1646Sir William Russell and Sir John Penington (Royalist)
1646-1654Sir William Russell (Royalist)
1645-1650Sir Henry Vane (Parliamentary)
1651-1660Richard Hutchinson (Parliamentary)
1660-1667Sir George Carteret
1667-1668Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey
1668-1671Sir Thomas Osborne and Sir Thomas de Littelton, Bt
1671-1673Sir Thomas Osborne
1673-1681Edward Seymour
1681-1689Anthony Carey, 5th Viscount Falkland
1689-1699Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford
1699-1710Sir Thomas de Littleton
1710-1711Robert Walpole
1711-1714Charles Caesar
1714-1718John Aislabie
1718-1720Richard Hampden
1720-1724George Byng, 1st Viscount Torrington
1724-1734Pattee Byng, 2nd Viscount Torrington
1734-1742Arthur Onslow
1742Thomas Clutterbuck
1742-1743Sir Charles Wager
1743-1744Sir John Rushout, 4th Baronet
1744-1749George Bubb Dodington
1749-1754Henry Legge
1754-1756George Grenville
1756George Bubb Dodington
1756-1762George Grenville
1762-1765William Wildman Barrington, 2nd Viscount Barrington
1765-1770Richard Howe, 4th Viscount Howe
1770-1777Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bt
1777-1782Welbore Ellis
1782Isaac Barré
1782-1783Henry Dundas
1783-1784Charles Townshend
1784-1800Henry Dundas
1800-1801Dudley Ryder
1801-1803Charles Bragge
1803-1804George Tierney
1804-1806George Canning
1806-1807Richard Brinsley Sheridan
1807-1818George Rose
1818-1823Frederick John Robinson
1823-1827William Huskisson
1827-1828Charles Grant
1828-1830William Vesey Fitzgerald
1830Thomas Frankland Lewis
1830-1834Charles Poulett Thomson
1834-1835William Lowther, Viscount Lowther
1835-1836Sir Henry Parnell


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