Lyme Regis (UK Parliament constituency)

Lyme Regis
Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members two (1295–1832); one (1832–1868)

Lyme Regis was a parliamentary borough in Dorset, which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons from 1295 until 1832, and then one member from 1832 until 1868, when the borough was abolished.

Members of Parliament


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ParliamentFirst memberSecond member
1386 Walter TropenellRobert Membury[1]
1388 (Feb) Walter Tropenell Robert Membury[1]
1388 (Sep)Walter TropenellJohn Dorset[1]
1390 (Jan)Walter Tropenell John Dorset[1]
1390 (Nov)
1391 Walter TropenellJohn Dorset[1]
1393Robert MemburyRoger Crogge[1]
1394 Robert MemburyJohn Stikelane[1]
1395John DorsetJohn Wade[1]
1397 (Jan)Thomas Bathe Hugh Sampford[1]
1397 (Sep)John StikelaneJohn Crone[1]
1399 Roger CroggeJohn Stikelane[1]
1402 Roger CroggeRalph Stikelane[1]
1404 (Jan)
1404 (Oct)
1406 Roger Crogge Ralph Stikelane[1]
1407 Peter RichmanJohn Baker III[1]
1410 Thomas Haseley[1]
1413 (Feb)
1413 (May)Thomas WalsinghamRoger Crogge[1]
1414 (Apr)John Tynham Thomas Stikelane[1]
1414 (Nov) John TynhamRoger Crogge[1]
1416 (Mar)
1416 (Oct)
1417Thomas EstWilliam Taverner[1]
1419 Thomas Stikelane[1]
1420Edward CukkfordJohn Richman[1]
1421 (May)Thoms LondNicholas Radford[1]
1421 (Dec)Thomas RichmanRichard Parker[1]
1491 John Burgh[2]
1510–1523No names known
1529 John Pyne, died
and repl. after 1532 by
?John Tudoll
Thomas Burgh
1536 ?
1539 ?
1542 ?
1545 John FryWilliam Pole
1547 Sir Francis FlemingHenry Leke[3]
1553 (Mar) ?
1553 (Oct) Thomas Goodwin John Mallock
Parliament of 1554
Parliament of 1554–1555
Parliament of 1555 John Strowbridge Jasper Poyntz
Parliament of 1558 Jasper Poyntz[4] John Popham[5]
Parliament of 1559 Nicholas Throckmorton John Mallock
Parliament of 1563–1567 Francis Walsingham William Butler (or Boteler?)
Parliament of 1571 John Astley William Ellesdon
Parliament of 1572–1581 George Ellesdon
Parliament of 1584–1585 Edward Drew John Hassard
Parliament of 1586–1587 Thomas Hughes
Parliament of 1588–1589 Hamden Paulet Robert Hassard
Parliament of 1593 Zachariah Bethel
Parliament of 1597–1598 Richard Tichborne Christopher Ellesdon
Parliament of 1601 John FitzJames Nicholas Throckmorton, later Nicholas Carew
Parliament of 1604–1611 Sir George Somers died 1610
By-election Sir Francis Russell
John Hassard too ill to continue sitting 1610[6]
By-election George Jeffreys
Addled Parliament (1614) Sir Edward Seymour George Browne
Parliament of 1621–1622 John Poulett Robert Hassard
Happy Parliament (1624–1625) Sir John Drake William Wynn
Useless Parliament (1625) John Drake Thomas Paramour
Parliament of 1625–1626 Sir Walter Erle
Parliament of 1628–1629 Christopher Erle
No Parliament summoned 1629–1640


Year1st Member1st Party2nd Member2nd Party
April 1640[7] Sir Walter ErleParliamentarian Richard Rose Parliamentarian
November 1640 Edmund PrideauxParliamentarian
December 1648 Rose not recorded as sitting after Pride's Purge
1653 Lyme Regis was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 Sir Edmund Prideaux[8] Lyme Regis had only one seat in the First and
Second Parliaments of the Protectorate
January 1659 Henry Henley
May 1659 One seat vacant
April 1660 Walter Yonge Thomas Moore (sat for Heytesbury)
June 1660 Henry Hyde, later Earl of Clarendon
1661 Sir John Shaw Henry Henley
1679 Sir George Strode
1679 Thomas Moore
1685 John Pole Sir Winston Churchill
1689 John Burridge
1690 Henry Henley
1695 Robert Henley
1701 Joseph Paice
1701 John Burridge
1702 Henry Henley
1705 Thomas Freke
1710 Henry Henley John Burridge, junior
1715 John Henley
1722 Henry Holt Henley
1727 Henry Drax
1728 Henry Holt Henley[9]
1734 John Scrope
1748 Robert Henley
1753 Thomas Fane, later Earl of Westmorland Tory
1754 Francis Fane Tory
1757 Henry Fane Tory
1762 Lord Burghersh, later Earl of Westmorland Tory
1772 Hon. Henry Fane Tory
1777 Francis Fane Tory
1780[10] David Robert Michel Tory
1784 Hon. Thomas Fane Tory
1802 Henry Fane Tory
1806 Lord Burghersh, later Earl of Westmorland Tory
1816 John Thomas Fane Tory
1818 Vere Fane Tory
1826 Hon. Henry Sutton Fane Tory
1832 Representation reduced to one member


1832 William Pinney Whig
1842[11] Thomas Hussey Conservative
1847 Sir Thomas Neville Abdy Whig
1852 William Pinney Whig
1865 John Wright Treeby Conservative
1868 Constituency abolished


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Election results

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