List of United Kingdom by-elections (2010–present)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom since 2010, with the names of the incumbent and victor and their respective parties. Where seats changed political party at the election, the result is highlighted: blue for a Conservative gain, red for a Labour gain, orange for a Liberal Democrat gain, purple for a UK Independence Party (UKIP) gain and grey for any other gain.


Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation" or "seeks re-election", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his or her own request to an "office of profit under the Crown", either the Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Steward of the Manor of Northstead. Accepting an office of profit under the Crown vacates the member's seat. This process is used because members of the House of Commons are not technically permitted to resign. A member who vacates their seat in this manner may stand for re-election.


2015–20 Parliament

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Sleaford and North Hykeham 8 December 2016[1] Stephen Phillips Conservative Resignation citing irreconcilable differences with Government[56 1]
Richmond Park 1 December 2016[2] Zac Goldsmith Conservative Sarah Olney Liberal Democrat Sought re-election as independent in opposition to Government decision on Heathrow expansion[56 2]
Witney 20 October 2016 David Cameron Conservative Robert Courts Conservative Resignation as an MP two months after resigning as PM and Leader of Conservative Party[3]
Batley and Spen 20 October 2016 Jo Cox Labour Tracy Brabin Labour Death (stabbing and shooting)[56 3]
Tooting 16 June 2016 Sadiq Khan Labour Rosena Allin-Khan Labour Resignation upon election as Mayor of London[56 4]
Ogmore 5 May 2016 Huw Irranca-Davies Labour Christopher Elmore[56 5] Labour Resignation to contest Welsh Assembly election[56 6]
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough 5 May 2016 Harry Harpham Labour Gill Furniss[56 7] Labour Death (cancer)[56 8]
Oldham West and Royton 3 December 2015 Michael Meacher Labour Jim McMahon Labour Death (short illness)[56 9]
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2010–15 Parliament

There were 21 by-elections in the 2010–2015 Parliament. 14 were in seats held by Labour, four by the governing Conservatives, one by their coalition partners the Liberal Democrats and two by Sinn Féin, who do not take up their seats in the House of Commons. 17 by-elections were won by the incumbent party, Labour won a seat from the Conservatives and lost one to Respect, while UKIP gained two seats from the Conservatives after the incumbent MPs defected to the party and were re-elected. Six by-elections were a result of the death of the incumbent MP, all of whom represented Labour.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Rochester and Strood[55 1] 20 November 2014 Mark Reckless Conservative/UKIP Mark Reckless UKIP Sought re-election upon change of party allegiance[55 2]
Heywood and Middleton 9 October 2014[55 3] Jim Dobbin Labour Liz McInnes Labour Death (acute alcohol toxicity with food aspiration)[55 4]
Clacton[55 5] 9 October 2014[55 6] Douglas Carswell Conservative/UKIP Douglas Carswell UKIP Sought re-election upon change of party allegiance[55 7]
Newark 5 June 2014[55 8] Patrick Mercer Conservative Robert Jenrick Conservative Resignation (following recommendation from the Standards Committee that he be suspended for six months for breach of the paid advocacy rule)[55 9]
Wythenshawe and Sale East 13 February 2014[55 10] Paul Goggins Labour Mike Kane Labour Death (stroke/haemorrhage)[55 11]
South Shields 2 May 2013 David Miliband Labour Emma Lewell-Buck Labour Resignation to join International Rescue Committee[55 12]
Mid Ulster 7 March 2013 Martin McGuinness Sinn Féin Francie Molloy Sinn Féin Resignation to end 'double-jobbing' as Member of Parliament and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly[55 13]
Eastleigh 28 February 2013 Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat Mike Thornton Liberal Democrat Resignation following pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice
Croydon North 29 November 2012 Malcolm Wicks Labour Steve Reed Labour Death (cancer)[55 14][55 15]
Middlesbrough 29 November 2012 Sir Stuart Bell Labour Andy McDonald Labour Death (cancer)[55 16]
Rotherham 29 November 2012 Denis MacShane Labour Sarah Champion[55 17] Labour Resignation (following recommendation from the Standards and Privileges Committee that he be suspended for 12 months for submitting false expenses invoices stemming from the United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal)[55 18]
Cardiff South and Penarth 15 November 2012 Alun Michael Labour Stephen Doughty Labour Resignation to contest South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner election
Corby[55 1] 15 November 2012[55 19] Louise Mensch Conservative Andy Sawford Labour Resignation for family reasons[55 20]
Manchester Central 15 November 2012 Tony Lloyd Labour Lucy Powell Labour Resignation to contest Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner election
Bradford West[55 1] 29 March 2012 Marsha Singh Labour George Galloway Respect Resignation (serious health problems)[55 21]
Feltham and Heston 15 December 2011 Alan Keen Labour Seema Malhotra Labour Death (cancer)[55 22]
Inverclyde 30 June 2011[55 23] David Cairns Labour Iain McKenzie Labour Death (pancreatitis)
Belfast West 9 June 2011[55 24] Gerry Adams Sinn Féin Paul Maskey Sinn Féin Resignation (to contest the Louth constituency in the Irish general election)[55 25]
Leicester South 5 May 2011 Sir Peter Soulsby Labour Jon Ashworth Labour Resignation (to contest the mayoralty of Leicester)[55 26]
Barnsley Central 3 March 2011[55 27] Eric Illsley Labour[55 28] Dan Jarvis Labour Resignation (pleaded guilty to charges of false accounting stemming from the United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal)[55 29]
Oldham East and Saddleworth 13 January 2011 Phil Woolas Labour Debbie Abrahams Labour Void election; reported personally guilty of false statements of fact concerning a candidate.[55 30]
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