House of Dragoș

House of Dragoș (Drăgoșești)
Founded 1352: Dragoș, Voivode of Moldavia

The House of Dragoș,[1] also known as the House of Drăgoșești[2][3] (Hungarian: Drágfy , Drágffy, Drágffi) was founded by Dragoș[4][5] (also known as Dragoș Vodă[6] or Dragoș of Bedeu[7]), who was traditionally been considered the first ruler[4] or prince of Moldavia and who was Voivode in Maramureş.[8]

Notable members

Family descendants

Currently the family descendants live in Romania (Maramureș County and Oaș Country of Satu Mare County), also in Poland, Ukraine.

Coat of arms


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House of Dragoș (Drăgoșești)
New title Ruling House of Moldavia
1345 – 1364
Succeeded by
House of Bogdan-Mușat
Preceded by
Ruling House of Transylvania
1493 – 1499
Succeeded by

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