Miklós Sirokay

Miklós Sirokay de Siroka (Hungarian: Sirokay Miklós), in Romania known as Romanian: Nicolae Sirokai (? - 1355/58) was a voivode of Transylvania under the King of Hungary.

His family descends, like 18 others, from the Hungarian noble clan of Aba (Genus Aba). They are: Báthory de Gagy, Bethlen de Iktár, Lipóczy, Nekcsey, Keczer, Kompolthy, (Chyrke), Csobánkafy, Berthóty, Rhédey (Cente), Vendéghy, Hedry, Karácsonyi, Sirokay, Somosy, Omód and Vitézy.

Being a member of the old Hungarian aristocratic family Aba of the Szalác-line, Miklós Sirokay, son of Petőcz (modern: Petőc), appears for the first time in historiography in 1338, as Royal Advocate. In the same year he becomes Lord of Castle of Diósgyőr.

In 1342, after his promotion to the King's Chamberlain, he was also made Voivod of Transylvania. In 1344, though, Louis I the Great stripped him of this title but Miklós Sirokay still remained in his favour. He reappears later in history as a member of the King's court of justice. In 1348, he is mentioned as Baron.



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