Sas of Moldavia

Voivode in Moldavia
Reign c. 1353/1360–c. 1357/1364
Predecessor Dragoş
Successor (?) Balc
Born Unknown
Died c. 1357/1364
Burial Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Issue Balc
Dynasty House of Dragoș
Father Dragoş
Mother Unknown

Sas was, according to the Slavo-Romanian chronicles, the second voivode of Moldavia (c. 1353/1360–c. 1357/1364).[1][2] He followed his father Dragoş who had been sent to Moldavia as a representative of king Louis I of Hungary to establish a line of defense against the Golden Horde.[2] All chronicles show that he reigned four years.[1]

According to the sequence of the voivodes listed in the Slavo-Romanian chronicles, he was followed by Bogdan (who would become the first independent ruler of Moldavia), but several historians (e.g., Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol, Ştefan Pascu) consider Balc as his successor.[1] Victor Spinei thinks that Bogdan came to Moldavia immediately after the death of Sas, before Balc was able to consolidate his reign.[1]

The Drágfi of Béltek family, whose estates would encompass over a hundred villages in the Kingdom of Hungary,[3] descended from one of his sons, Drag.[4]


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Sas of Moldavia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Voivode of Moldavia
1353-1360  1357-1364
Succeeded by
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