House of Szilágyi

House of Szilágyi

The House of Szilágyi of Horogszeg (Hungarian: horogszegi Szilágyi) was an important Hungarian noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary and of Transylvania.[1]


The Szilágyi family comes from the old Szilágy County, now part of Romania.

Most specialist agree that the family died out in the Middle Ages.[2] Zoltán W. Vityi says that the noble Szilágyis of Horogszeg who lived in Nyírgelse and Nyírmihálydi (in Szabolcs County in Hungary) in the 1930s were descended from the medieval noble family.[2]

Notable members

A 19th-century map of Kingdom of Hungary showing the location of Szilágyi county.
Present-day location of Sălaj County on the map of Romania.

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