Coat of arms of the Lobkowicz family

The Lobkowicz family (Lobkovicové in modern Czech, sg. z Lobkovic; Lobkowitz in German) dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest Bohemian noble families. The first Lobkowiczs were members of the gentry of north-eastern Bohemia in the late 14th century.


Zdeněk Vojtěch Popel z Lobkovic (1568–1628), 1st Prince Lobkowicz

The family today

Today, there are four main branches of the Lobkowicz family: the Roudnice Lobkowiczs, the Křimice Lobkowiczs, the Dolni Beřkovice Lobkowiczs, and the Mělník Lobkowiczs. Well-known Lobkowiczs of today include:

Family seats

Princely coat of arms

After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, a number of castles and estates were restored to different branches of the family. These estates included the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle (now a museum with a famous art collection), Nelahozeves Castle (also a museum), Roudnice Castle, Střekov Castle, Mělník Castle, Bílina Castle, Křimice Castle, Dolní Beřkovice Castle (inherited by the Thurn und Taxis family), Jezeří Castle (sold by the family), Vysoký Chlumec Castle (sold by the family), Hasištejn Castle, Chomutov Castle, Líčkov Castle, Felixburk, Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Horšovský Týn Castle, and Zbiroh.

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