The coat of arms of the house of Attems from a document of 1630 conferring the title of the Counts of the Holy Roman Empire on certain family members
The Dornava manor in Slovenia, bought by the Attems family in 1736.

The house of Attems was a noble aristocratic family in the former county of Friuli. Their family lineage started to form in the second half of the 12th century at the Fortress of Attems Attimis in Cividale (Konrad of Attems first mentioned in 1102 followed by Arbo Attems (2.2.1170) and Henricus Attems (6.2.1170)).

In the 18th century the Counts of Attems ordered the construction of Palais Attems in Graz Austria, now listed at the UNESCO. [1]

The family had a seat and voice in the Estates of Friuli at the time. After the conquest of Friuli by the Venetian Republic a part of the family remained in Attimis while Friedrich Attems (1447–1521) moved to Gorizia, and in 1473 became the chancellor to the last Count of Gorizia. He was confirmed as such in 1500 by Emperor Maximilian I and in 1506 became the regent Count of Lower Austria. Since then they played an important role at the house of Habsburg and in 1630 were given the title of Counts of the Holy Roman Empire. In the Baroque period Attems was the richest and most influential noble family in Styria.[2]

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