Tai Phake language

Tai Phake
Native to India
Region Assam
Ethnicity Tai Phake people
Native speakers
2,000 (2007)[1]
Burmese script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 phk
Glottolog phak1238[2]

The Tai Phake language is spoken in the Buri Dihing Valley of Assam, India. The maːn˧ corresponds to the modern Thai เมือง, mueang, and Shan mong which corresponds to 'town'.


Tai Phake Villages (Morey 2005:22)
Tai name Translation of Tai name Assamese/English name District
ma:n3 pha:4 ke:5 taü3 Lower Phake village Namphakey Dibrugarh
ma:n3 pha:k4 ta:5 Other side of the river village Tipam Phake Dibrugarh
ma:n3 pha:4 ke:5 nɔ6 Upper Phake village Borphake Tinsukia
niŋ1 kam4 Ning kam Nagas Nigam Phake Tinsukia
ma:n3 pha:4 naiŋ2 Red sky village Faneng Tinsukia
məŋ2 la:ŋ2 Country of the Lang Nagas Mounglang Tinsukia
məŋ2 mɔ1 Mine village Man Mau Tinsukia
ma:n3 loŋ6 Big village Man Long Tinsukia
nauŋ1 lai6 Nong Lai Nagas Nonglai -

Buragohain (1998) lists the following Tai Phake villages.


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