Chokri language

Chokri leads here. For Arabic-based name Chokri, see Shukri
Native to India
Region Nagaland
Ethnicity Chakhesang Naga
Native speakers
84,000 (2001 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nri
Glottolog chok1243[2]

Chokri, or Eastern Angami, is one of three languages spoken by the Chakhesang Naga of Phek district, Nagaland state, India. Cheswezumi is main Chokri village in Nagaland (Ethnologue). There are also some Chokri speakers located in Senapati district, Manipur (Ethnologue). In 1991 it was estimated there were 20,000 native Chokri speakers.[3]


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