Languages of Tripura

Languages of Tripura, a state in the Northeast India, include Bengali and Kokborok as official language, and many other minority languages. As in the rest of India, English is used for official purpose. Bengali is the most spoken language, due to the predominance of Bengali people in the state. Kokborok is a prominent language among the tribes.

Tripura is the state, there are most number of languages are used in India.Major languages in terms of the number of speakers per 2001 census of India are as follows:[1]

Language Number Percentage
Bengali 21,47.994 67.14
Kokborok 8,14,375 25.46
Hindi 53,691 1.68
Mogh 28,850 0.9
Oriya 23,899 0.75
Bishnupriya Manipuri 21,716 0.68
Manipuri 20,716 0.65
Halam 17,990 0.56
Garo 11,312 0.35

A report in Times of India said that the state is home to three dozen languages including some that are nearly extinct, including Saimar which was spoken by only 4 people in 2012.[2]


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