Thadou language

Native to India, Burma
Ethnicity Thadou people
Native speakers
(270,000 cited 1983 and 2001 censuses)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tcz
Glottolog thad1238[2]

Thadou (Thado, Thaadou, Thado-Ubiphei, Thado-Pao) is a common Kukish language spoken widely in the northeastern part of India and Burma. The Saimar dialect[3] was reported in the Indian press in 2012 to be spoken by only four people in one village in the state of Tripura.[4] The variety spoken in Manipur has partial mutual intelligibility with the other Kukish varieties of the area including Paite, Hmar, Vaiphei, Simte, Kom and Gangte languages.[5]

Geographical distribution

Thadou is spoken in the following locations (Ethnologue).


Ethnologue lists the following dialects of Thadou. There is high mutual intelligibility among dialects.


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