Makury language

Makury Naga
Native to India, Burma
Region Nagaland
Native speakers
65,000 (2014-16)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 jmn
Glottolog maku1273[2]

Makury, or Makury Naga (wrongly spelled Makuri), is a classified Naga language of India and Burma. It is not close to other Naga languages that fall under Konyak-[Tangshang] and Angami-Zeme. Makury falls under Ao-Tangkhul linguistic group of southern Naga languages and is close to Naga languages that fall under the said language group. Müvlë (Longphuri) are a sub-tribe of Makury. In Eastern Nagaland, Myanmar, Makury, Somra Tangkhul and Para are closer than the other tribes in the north in terms of language.

Geographical distribution

Makury is spoken in Layshi Township, Homlin Township, and Lahe Township in Khamti District, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. There are about 40,000 speakers in Myanmar, and about 25,000 in India.


Ethnologue lists the following dialects of Makury.


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