Serbian presidential election, 2003

Serbian presidential election, 2003
November 16, 2003

Candidate Tomislav Nikolić Dragoljub Mićunović
Popular vote 1,166,896 893,906
Percentage 46.23% 35.42%

President before election

Nataša Mićić (acting)

Elected President

Nataša Mićić (acting)

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The Serbian presidential election was held on 16 November 2003, a month before the December 2003 parliamentary election.

The election was invalidated because the turnout was 38.8%, considerably less than the 50% of eligible voters threshold required by Serbian law. Therefore, it was repeated some six months later in June 2004.

 Summary of the 16 November 2003 Serbian
presidential election results
Candidates Nominating parties Votes %
Tomislav Nikolić Serbian Radical Party 1,166,896 46.23
Dragoljub Mićunović Democratic Opposition of Serbia 893,906 35.42
Velimir Ilić New Serbia 229,229 9.08
Marijan Rističević People's Peasant Party 72,105 2.86
Dragan Tomić 54,703 2.18
Radoslav Avlijaš Democratic Fatherland Party 20,782 0.82
Invalid 86,268 3.42
Total 2,523,889 100.0
Turnout 38.8
Source: Adam Carr's Election Archive


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