Serbian presidential election, 2008

Serbian presidential election, 2008
January 20 and February 3, 2008

Candidate Boris Tadić Tomislav Nikolić
Party DS SRS
Popular vote 2,304,467 (2nd round) 2,197,155 (2nd round)
Percentage 50.31% 47.97%

Second round results by districts

President before election

Boris Tadić

Elected President

Boris Tadić

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A pre-term presidential election was held in Serbia on January 20 and February 3, 2008. Incumbent President Boris Tadić was reelected as President of Serbia in the second round with 51.61 percent of the votes cast, defeating challenger Tomislav Nikolić.[1]

The election for president was the first since Serbia became independent, when the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was dissolved by the secession of Montenegro in 2006. The first round of elections was held on January 20, 2008, when none of the candidates secured an absolute majority of the votes cast. Thus a run-off election took place on February 3, 2008 between Tomislav Nikolić of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and Boris Tadić of the Democratic Party (DS) (the incumbent President) who finished first and second respectively in the first round.[2] 6,708,697 registered voters were able to vote, which was around 50,000 more since the parliamentary election held in the beginning of 2007, on 8,481 electoral posts across Serbia and 65 in 36 foreign countries.[3] Of that figure, 37,053 are abroad, 9,187 in military service and 8,201 in prison. Persons residing in Montenegro with Serbian citizenship were also allowed to vote in seven Montenegrin towns: Podgorica, Berane, Herceg Novi, Budva, Tivat, Sutomore and Andrijevica.[4]

A re-vote of the second round was held in Dobro Polje due to some irregularities on 12 February 2008.[5] Tadić was sworn in for his second term on 15 February 2008.[6]


The previous session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted a Constitutional Law on 10 November 2006 that proclaimed the new Constitution. As per it, parliamentary Speaker Oliver Dulić was to schedule the election by 31 December 2007 or 60 days after the new laws regarding the President of the Republic, presidential elections, defense, the military, foreign affairs and the security services are passed.[7] Five of the six necessary laws on presidential elections was passed by the parliamentary majority on 11 December 2007. The presidential mandate has been lengthened from four to five years.

On 12 December 2007 Dulić had scheduled the first round of election for January 20 and second round for February 3, 2008. The Electoral Commission of the Republic of Serbia declared that candidates were due to apply on December 30, 2007 the latest, submitting 10,000 signatures.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Commonwealth of independent States were the nationwide neutral observer of the election, including several British and American observers.

Two parties representing the Albanians from Preševo Valley, the Democratic Union of the Valley and the Party of Democratic Action called for Albanians from outside Kosovo to participate in the election.[8]


 Summary of the 20 January and 3 February 2008 Serbian presidential election results
Candidates Nominating parties Votes 1st round % Votes 2nd round %
Boris Tadić Democratic Party 1,457,030 35.39 2,304,467 50.31
Tomislav Nikolić Serbian Radical Party 1,646,172 39.99 2,197,155 47.97
Velimir Ilić New Serbia 305,828 7.43
Milutin Mrkonjić Socialist Party of Serbia 245,889 5.97
Čedomir Jovanović Liberal Democratic Party 219,689 5.34
István Pásztor Hungarian Coalition 93,039 2.26
Milanka Karić Strength of Serbia Movement 40,332 0.98
Marijan Rističević People's Peasant Party 18,500 0.45
Jugoslav Dobričanin Reformist Party 11,894 0.29
Total valid votes 98.09 98.28
Registered Voters 6,708,697 6,723,762
Total turnout 4,116,844 61.37 4,580,428 68.12
Valid 4,038,382 98.09 4,501,622 98.28
Invalid 78,462 1.91 78,806 1.72
First round results by districts
Leading candidates by Municipalities (1st round):
Leading candidates by Municipalities (2nd round):
Results by countries (2nd round): Yellow - Boris Tadic, Blue - Tomislav Nikolic, Green - equal and gray - none.


First round


Tomislav Nikolić of SRS
Serbian Radical Party, has nominated Tomislav Nikolić (Томислав Николић)
Supported by: Vlach Party, Vlachs of Democratic Serbia, Democratic Community of Serbian Vlachs[9] and Movement "I live for the Frontier"
Slogan: With All Heart (Свим срцем)
Jugoslav Dobričanin of RS Reformist Party, has nominated Jugoslav Dobričanin (Југослав Добричанин).
Slogan: Power of the south (Снага југа)

Boris Tadić of DS
Democratic Party has nominated Boris Tadić (Борис Тадић), current President of Serbia.
Supported by: G17 Plus, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, Sanjak Democratic Party, Civic Initiative of Gora, Roma Union of Serbia, Reformists of Vojvodina, Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija.
Slogan: For a Strong and Stable Serbia (За јаку и стабилну Србију)

Velimir Ilić of NS

New Serbia, has nominated Velimir "Velja" Ilić (Велимир "Веља" Илић).
Supported by: Democratic Party of Serbia, United Serbia, Serbian Renewal Movement and List for Sandžak.
Slogan: Serbia rules! (Србија је закон!); Choose Serbia! (Изабери Србију!)

István Pásztor of Hungarian Coalition

Hungarian Coalition (Magyar Koalíció - Mađarska koalicija) (Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians, Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians and Hungarian Civic Alliance), has nominated István Pásztor. Pásztor is supported by the Montenegrin Society of Serbia "The Crusader". He has announced his support for Boris Tadić in the second round.
Slogan: Za Srbiju u kojoj je svima nama dobro! - Olyan Szerbiáért, ahol nekünk is jó!
Marijan Rističević of NSS Coalition People's Peasant Party - United Peasant Party, has nominated Marijan Rističević (Маријан Ристичевић).

Čedomir Jovanović of LDP
Liberal Democratic Party, has nominated Čedomir "Čeda" Jovanović (Чедомир "Чеда" Јовановић).
Supported by: Social Democratic Union, Christian Democratic Party of Serbia, Croatian Bunjevac-Šokac Party and Vojvodina Party.
Slogan: Life rules! (Живот је закон!)

Milutin Mrkonjić of SPS

Socialist Party of Serbia, has nominated Milutin Mrkonjić (Милутин Мркоњић).
Supported by: Party of United Pensioners of Serbia.
Slogan: Achievements speak for themselves (Дела говоре);Our Comrade! (Наш друг!)
Milanka Karić of PSS
Strength of Serbia Movement - Bogoljub Karić, has nominated Milanka Mara Karić (Миланка Мара Карић) after failed attempt to nominate her husband and party leader Bogoljub Karić, who is under arrest warrant.
Slogan: Family is the strength of Serbia (Породица је снага Србије.)

Second round


Tomislav Nikolić of SRS
Serbian Radical Party has nominated Tomislav Nikolić (Томислав Николић)
Supported by: Vlach Party, Vlachs of Democratic Serbia, Democratic Community of Serbian Vlachs,[9] Yugoslav Left, Democratic Community of Serbia, People's Peasant Party, United Peasant Party, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, National Movement Serbia, Serbian Party of Socialists, Nacionalni stroj, Serbian National Council of North Kosovo, Movement "I live for the Frontier"
Slogan: With All Heart (Свим срцем)

Boris Tadić of DS

Democratic Party has nominated Boris Tadić (Борис Тадић), current President of Serbia.
Supported by: G17 Plus, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians, Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians, Hungarian Civic Alliance, Sanjak Democratic Party, List for Sanjak, Civic Initiative of Gora, Roma Union of Serbia, Democratic League of Croats in Vojvodina, Reformists of Vojvodina, Democratic Union of Croats, Democratic Movement of Serbian Romanians, Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija, European Movement of Serbia, Serbian Renewal Movement, Vojvodina Party, Independent Democratic Serbian Party, Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Democratic Party of Bulgarians, Union of Socialists of Vojvodina, Social Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Serbs Green party Eko, National Movement of Sandžak, Association of Free and Independent Trade Unions, Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations of Serbia, Coalition "Together for Kragujevac", Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohija and National Councils of Slovakian, Roma, Macedonian, Romanian, Rusyn, and Vlach national minorities.
Slogan: Let's conquer Europe together! (Да освојимо Европу заједно!)

International reaction on results

Boris Tadić gives a speech after his victory was announced.


Polling Firm Date Source Tadić Nikolić Jovanović Ilić Mrkonjić Second round
CeSIDJune 2007[26]1410
CeSIDearly 2007[27]1293
Strategic MarketingOctober 2007[28]2418 4
Strategic Marketinglate 2007 38233 Tadić 52 Nikolić 48
Angus ReidNovember 7, 2007[29]35312 Tadić 56 Nikolić 44
Factor Plus12 December 2007 36.531.88.56
CeSID10 January 2008[30]1921344Tadić 33 Nikolić 27
Glasaj za12 January 2008[31]22.429.517.83.616.9
CeSID24–28 January 2008[32]Tadić 51.1%, Nikolić 48.9%
CeSID30 January 2008[33]Tadić 2.10-2.35 million voters Nikolić 2.00-2.25 million voters

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