Serbian parliamentary election, 1884

Serbian parliamentary election, 1884
Kingdom of Serbia

130 out of 174 seats in the National Assembly
88 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Nikola Hristić Milan Piroćanac Nikola Pašić
Party Conservative Party Serbian Progressive Party People's Radical Party
Seats won
58 / 174
55 / 174
14 / 174

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Jovan Ristić Milan I
Party Liberal Party MPs appointed by the King
Seats won
3 / 174
44 / 174

PM before election

Sava Grujić
People's Radical Party

Elected PM

Sava Grujić
People's Radical Party

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Kingdom of Serbia in early 1884. The governing Conservative Party won 58 of the 130 seats.[1] King Milan appointed a further 44 members.[2] Following the elections, Milutin Garašanin of the Progressive Party became Prime Minister.


Party Leader Seats
Conservative Party Nikola Hristić 58
Progressive Party Milan Piroćanac 55
People's Radical Party Nikola Pašić 14
Liberal Party Jovan Ristić 3
Appointed by the King Milan I 44
Total 174
Source: The Times[1]


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