Vojvodina parliamentary election, 2004

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This article is part of a series on the
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First round of the Vojvodina parliamentary election was held on September 19, 2004, at the same time when the local elections were held in the whole of Serbia (with the exception of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo).

Second round of elections was held on October 3, 2004.


There are 120 MPs in Vojvodina's Parliament. One half (60 MPs) is elected based on a proportional representation one-round system, according to which Vojvodina is one electoral unit. Voters choose between several Parties, Coalitions or Citizen Groups. The other 60 MPs are elected based on majority two-round system, according to which Vojvodina is divided into 60 electoral units in a way that every county gives at least one MP. Some larger electoral units, like the cities of Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin etc., give more (from 2 up to 7). In this case, voters choose between more candidates. A candidate can win in first round if he/she gets more than 50%+1 votes of those who voted. If none gets enough votes, the two strongest candidates go to the second round, in which the one with more votes wins.

The election threshold for Parties, Coalitions and Citizen’s Groups is 5%, except for Parties of minority groups (Hungarians, Croats, etc.), for whom the threshold is smaller, but not smaller than the number of votes necessary to get one MP. According to the law, on all lists of Parties, Coalitions and Citizen’s Groups at least 30% of the proposed MPs must be women.


Lists that competed in one-round system

1. Democratic Party (Demokratska stranka)  Boris Tadić
2. Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (Savez vojvođanskih Mađara - Vajdasági Magyar Szövetség)  Kasza József
3. Serbian Radical Party (Srpska radikalna stranka)  Tomislav Nikolić
4. “Together for Vojvodina” („Zajedno za Vojvodinu”)  Nenad Čanak

5. G17 Plus (G17+)  Miroljub Labus
6. Socialist Party of Serbia (Socijalistička partija Srbije)  Dušan Bajatović
7. Democratic Party of Serbia (Demokratska stranka Srbije)  Vojislav Koštunica
8. “Clean hends of Vojvodina” („Čiste ruke Vojvodine”)  Miodrag Isakov

9. Strength of Serbia Movement (Politički pokret „Snaga Srbije”)  Bogoljub Karić
10. New Serbia (Nova Srbija)  Velimir Ilić


Round Number of voters Voted in round %
I 1 659 177 639 604 38.57%
II 1 659 152 637 259 38.45%

The results of the two rounds were:

 Summary of the 2004-09-19 and 2004-10-03 Vojvodina Provincial Assembly election results
Coalition List Votes for list % MPs elected for list MPs elected for constituencies Total MPs elected
Serbian Radical Party 187,666 29.34 % 21 15 36
Democratic Party 137,797 21.54 % 15 19 34
Together for Vojvodina 60,389 9.44 % 6 1 7
Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians 54,380 8.50 % 6 5 11
Democratic Party of Serbia 43,077 6.74 % 4 3 7
Strength of Serbia Movement 42,813 6.69 % 4 3 7
Socialist Party of Serbia 37,111 5.80 % 4 4 8
G17 Plus 30,985 4.84 % 0 2 2
Clean Hands of Vojvodina 14,666 2.29 % 0 0 0
New Serbia 8,783 1.37 % 0 0 0
Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians* 0 0 0 1 1
others 0 0 0 7 7
Total 617,667 100.00% 60 60 120
Source: Monthly Report Serbia - September 2004, Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief, 2004-11-01, accessed on 2006-12-31
"Representation of Parties", Assembly of Vojvodina, accessed on 2006-12-31

* Have joined the Democratic Party group of deputies in the Assembly

A governing coalition was formed comprising the Democratic Party, Together for Vojvodina, Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, and Strength of Serbia Movement, which together hold 66 seats in the Assembly - a majority of 12.

Democratic Party Vice-President Bojan Pajtić was elected President of the Executive Council and Bojan Kostreš from the League of Vojvodina Social Democrats was elected President of the Assembly.[1]


  1. October 2004, Rulers.org, accessed on 2006-12-31

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