Serbian parliamentary election, 1993

Serbian parliamentary election, 1993
19 December 1993
Turnout 61.34%
Party Leader % Seats ±
SPS Slobodan Milošević 36.65 123 +22
DEPOS Vuk Drašković 16.64 45 +13
SRS Vojislav Šešelj 13.85 39 -40
DS Dragoljub Mićunović 11.57 29 +23
DSS Vojislav Koštunica 5.07 7 New
VMDK András Ágoston 2.61 5 -4
PVDDPS 0.68 2 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Nikola Šainović
Mirko Marjanović
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Parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of Serbia on 19 December 1993.[1] The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) emerged as the largest party in the National Assembly, winning 123 of the 250 seats. The SPS formed a government with New Democracy, which had run as part of the Democratic Movement of Serbia coalition.


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Socialist Party of Serbia1,576,28736.65123+22
Democratic Movement of Serbia715,56416.6445–5
Serbian Radical Party595,46713.8539–34
Democratic Party497,58211.5729+23
Democratic Party of Serbia218,0565.077New
Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians112,3422.615–4
Party for Democratic ActionDemocratic Party of Albanians29,3420.682New
Invalid/blank votes555,800
Registered voters/turnout7,010,38561.34
Source: B92


  SPS  (123)
  DEPOS  (45)
  SRS  (39)
  DS  (29)
  DSS  (7)


The DEPOS was a coalition of:


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