Serbian parliamentary election, 1895

Serbian parliamentary election, 1895
Kingdom of Serbia
7 April 1895

  First party Second party Third party
Leader Milutin Garašanin Jovan Avakumović Nikola Pašić
Party SNS Liberal Party NRS
Seats won
208 / 240
30 / 240
2 / 240

Elected PM


Parliamentary elections were held in Serbia in April 1895. They followed a royal coup d'état by King Alexander in May 1894, in which he suspended the 1888 constitution and restored the 1869 constitution.[1]


Whilst the 1888 constitution had increased the number of people eligible to vote, reverting to the 1869 constitution saw the government given the right to appoint one-third of the members of the National Assembly,[1] whilst in many constituencies the Assembly members were elected indirectly through electoral colleges.[2] The changes were expected to reduce the number of candidates of the People's Radical Party elected to the Assembly.[3]


The elections resulted in a victory for the Progressive Party government. Only six members of the People's Radical Party were elected, as well as 30 Liberals.[2] Of the sixty appointed members, 49 were supporters of the government.[2]

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