Samarkand Oblast

Samarkand Oblast
Самаркандская область
Samarkandskaya oblast'
Oblast of Russia

Flag Coat of arms
Capital Samarkand
  Established 1868
  Russian Revolution 1917
Today part of  Uzbekistan

The Samarkand Oblast (Russian: Самаркандская область) was an oblast (province) of the Russian Empire between 1868 and 1924. It roughly corresponded to most of present-day central Uzbekistan and northwestern Tajikistan. It was created out of the northeastern part of Emirate of Bukhara. It consisted of the uyezds of Samarkand (incl. cities Samarkand and Pendzhikent), Dzhizak (incl. city Dzhizak), Katta-Kurgan (incl. city Katta-Kurgan) and Khodzhent (incl. cities Khodzhent and Uratyube).[1]


As of 1897, 860,021 people populated the oblast. Uzbeks constituted the majority of the population. Significant minorities consisted of Tajiks and Kazakhs. Total Turkic speaking were 609,204 (70,8%).

Ethnic groups in 1897[2]

TOTAL 860,021 100%
Uzbeks 507,587 59%
Tajiks 230,384 26.8%
Kazakhs 63,091 7.3%
Uyghurs 19,993 2.3%
Turkic Sarts 18,073 2.1%
Russians 12,485 1.5%
Jews 1,312 0.2%


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Coordinates: 39°39′15″N 66°57′35″E / 39.6542°N 66.9597°E / 39.6542; 66.9597

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