Ufa Governorate

Уфимская губерния
Governorate of Russian Empire



Capital Ufa
  Established 1865
  Disestablished March 23, 1919
  (1897) 122,005 km2 (47,106 sq mi)
  (1897) 2,220,497 
Density 18.2 /km2  (47.1 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions uezds: 6

Ufa Governorate (Russian: Уфи́мская губе́рния, Bashkir: Өфө губернаһы) was a governorate of the Russian Empire with its capital in the city Ufa. It was created in 1865 by separation from Orenburg Governorate. In March 23, 1919 the governorate was transformed into the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. It occupied an area of 122,005 km² and the territory of the governorate was divided to 6 uyezds.


According to the 1865 data, the population of Ufa Governorate was 1,291,018. According to the 1897 Census it was 2,220,497; urban population was 48.9%. Bashkir people constituted 41% of total population; Russian people: 38%; Tatar people: 8.4%; Mari people: 3.7%; Chuvash people: 2.8%; Mordvins: 1.7%.[1]


Arable lands was about 35% of the governorate's total area. Industry was based on mining and metalworking; there were also food, clothing and timber industries.

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Coordinates: 54°44′00″N 55°58′00″E / 54.7333°N 55.9667°E / 54.7333; 55.9667

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