Vyatka Governorate

Vyatka Governorate
Вятская губерния
Governorate of Russian Empire, Soviet Russia



Map of the governorate
Capital Vyatka
  Established 1796
  Disestablished 1929
  (1897) 169,629 km2 (65,494 sq mi)
  (1897) 3,030,831 
Density 17.9 /km2  (46.3 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions uezds: 11

Vyatka Governorate (Russian: Вятская губерния) was a governorate of the Russian Empire and USSR, with its capital in city Vyatka (now known as Kirov), from 1796 to 1929. In the governorate’s area were situated most parts of modern Kirov Oblast and Udmurt Republic.


Vyatka Governorate was bordered with Vologda Governorate (to the north), Perm Governorate (to the east), Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan governorates (to the south), and Kostroma Governorate (to the west). Its area was approximately 169,629 km2 (65,494 sq mi).

Administrative divisions

The governorate was divided into 11 uyezds:

  1. Vyatka Uyezd
  2. Glazovsky Uyezd
  3. Yelabuzhsky Uyezd
  4. Kotelnichsky Uyezd
  5. Malmyzhsky Uyezd
  6. Nolinsky Uyezd
  7. Orlovsky Uyezd
  8. Sarapulsky Uyezd
  9. Slobodskoy Uyezd
  10. Urzhumsky Uyezd
  11. Yaransky Uyezd


According to the 1897 census, the population of the Vyatka Governorate was 3,030,831. Russian people composed 77.4% of the population; Udmurt people – 12.5%; Mari people – 4.8%, and Tatar people – 4.1%.[1] According to 1958 data, the population was 2,123,904; according 1910 data it was 3,747,000.[2]


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Coordinates: 58°36′00″N 49°39′00″E / 58.6000°N 49.6500°E / 58.6000; 49.6500

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