List of governorates of the Russian Empire

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Map of governorates of the Russian Empire (Western part)

This is a list of governorates of the Russian Empire (pre-1918 spelling: губернiя, Post-1918 spelling: губерния) established between the administrative reform of 1708 and the establishment of the Kholm Governorate in 1912.

Some of these governorates persisted into the Soviet era (renamed from governorate to oblast during the 1920s), while others were further subdivided as part of the "unbundling" (разукрупнение) of the 1930s. During the partitions of Poland (1780s), many governorates were replaced with viceroyalties, but later (before the 1800s) the change was reverted to governorates.

List of governorates

English name Russian name Russian transliterated Established (Julian Cal.) Disestablished (Julian Cal) Changed to
Augustów Governorate Августовская г. Avgustovskaya g. 1837 1866 Suwałki Governorate / Łomża Governorate
Archangelgorod Governorate Архангелогородская г. Arkhangelogorodskaya g. 1708-12-29[1] 1780-01-25[1] Vologda Viceroyalty[1]
Arkhangelsk Governorate Архангельская г. Arkhangelskaya g. 1784[1] 1929[1] Northern Krai[1]
Astrakhan Governorate Астраханская г. Astrakhanskaya g. 1717 1929
Azov/Voronezh Governorate Азовская г. Azovskaya g. 1708 1779 Voronezh Viceroyalty
Azov Governorate Азовская г. Azovskaya g. 1775 1783 Yekaterinoslav Viceroyalty
Baku Governorate Бакинская г. Bakinskaya g. 1897 1917
Bessarabia Governorate Бессарабская г. Bessarabskaya g. 1812 1917
Black Sea Governorate Черномо́рская г. Chernomorskaya g. 1896 1920
Chernigov Governorate Черниговская г. Chernigovskaya g. 1802 1925
Courland Governorate Курля́ндская г. Kurlyandskaya g. 1795 1915
Derbent Governorate Дербентская г. Derbentskaya g. 1846 1860 ca. Dagestan Oblast
Elisabethpol Governorate Елизаветпольская г. Yelizavetpol'skaya g. 1868 1917
Erivan Governorate Эриванская г. Erivanskaya g. 1850 1917
Estonia Governorate Эстляндская г. Estlyandskaya g. 1796 1917
Grodno Governorate Гродненская г. Grodnenskaya g. 1795 1917
Irkutsk Governorate Иркутская г. Irkutskaya g. 1764 1926
Kalisz Governorate Калишская г. Kalishskaya g. 1837 1844
Kaluga Governorate Калужская г. Kaluzhskaya g. 1796 1929
Kazan Governorate Каза́нская г. Kazanskaya g. 1708-12-29 1920
Kharkov Governorate Ха́рьковская г. Khar'kovskaya g. 1780 1919
Kherson Governorate Херсонская г. Khersonskaya g. 1802 1920
Kholm Governorate Холмская г. Kholmskaya g. 1912 1917
Kielce Governorate Келецкая г. Keletskaya g. 1841 1844
Kiev Governorate Киевская г. Kievskaya g. 1708-12-29 1917
Kostroma Governorate Костромская г. Kostromskaya g. 1796 1929
Kovno Governorate Ковенская г. Kovenskaya g. 1843 1915
Kraków Governorate Краковская г. Krakovskaya g. 1837 1847
Kursk Governorate Курская г. Kurskaya g. 1796 1929
Kutaisi Governorate Кутаи́сская г. Kutaisskaya g. 1846 1918
Lithuania Governorate Литовская г. Litovskaya g. 1795 1801
Livonia Governorate Лифляндская г. Liflyandskaya g. 1796 1918
Łomża Governorate Ломжская г. Lomzhskaya g. 1867 1914
Lublin Governorate Люблинская г. Lublinskaya g. 1837 1915
Malorossiya Governorate Малороссiйская г. Malorossiyskaya g. 1796 1802 split into Chernigov, Poltava
Masovia Governorate Мазовская г. Mazovskaya g. 1837 1844 merged into Warsaw
Minsk Governorate Минская г. Minskaya g. 1793 1917
Mogilev Governorate Могилёвская г. Mogilyovskaya g. 1772 1918
Moscow Governorate Московская г. Moskovskaya g. 1708-12-29 1929 Moscow Oblast
Nizhny Novgorod Governorate Нижегородская г. Nizhegorodskaya g. 1714 1929
Novgorod Governorate Новгоро́дская г. Novgorodskaya g. 1727 1918
Novorossiya Governorate Новоросси́йская г. Novorossiyskaya g. 1764 1802
Olonets Governorate Олонецкая г. Olonetskaya g. 1801 1922
Orenburg Governorate Оренбургская г. Orenburgskaya g. 1744 1928
Oryol Governorate Орловская г. Orlovskaya g. 1796 1928
Penza Governorate Пензенская г. Penzenskaya g. 1780 1928
Perm Governorate Пермская г. Permskaya g. 1781 1923
Piotrków Governorate Петроковская г. Petrokovskaya g. 1867 1917
Płock Governorate Плоцкая г. Plotskaya g. 1867 1917
Podlasie Governorate Подлясская г. Podlyasskaya g. 1837 1844 merged into Lublin
Podolia Governorate Подольская г. Podol'skaya g. 1793 1925
Poltava Governorate Полтавская г. Poltavskaya g. 1802 1925
Pskov Governorate Псковская г. Pskovskaya g. 1796 1924
Radom Governorate Радомская г. Radomskaya g. 1847 1917
Reval Governorate Ревельская г. Revel'skaya g. 1719 1796
Riga Governorate Рижская г. Rizhskaya g. 1712 1796
Ryazan Governorate Рязанская г. Ryazanskaya g. 1796 1929
Samara Governorate Самарская г. Samarskaya g. 1851 1928
Saint Petersburg Governorate Санкт-Петербургская г. Sankt-Peterburgskaya g. 1708-12-29 1927
Sandomierz Governorate Сандомирская г. Sandomirskaya g. 1837 1844
Saratov Governorate Саратовская г. Saratovskaya g. 1780 1928
Siberia Governorate Сибирская г. Sibirskaya g. 1708 1728
Siedlce Governorate Седлецкая г. Sedletskaya g. 1867 1912
Simbirsk Governorate Симбирская г. Simbirskaya g. 1796 1928
Sloboda Ukraine Governorate Слободско-Украинская г. Slobodsko-Ukrainskaya g. 1765 1835
Smolensk Governorate Смоленская г. Smolenskaya g. 1708-12-29 1929
Stavropol Governorate Ставропольская г. Stavropolskaya g. 1847 1924
Suwałki Governorate Сувалкская г. Suvalkskaya g. 1867 1914
Tambov Governorate Тамбовская г. Tambovskaya g. 1796
Taurida Governorate Таврическая г. Tavricheskaya g. 1783 1921
Tiflis Governorate Тифлисская г. Tiflisskaya g. 1846 1917
Tobolsk Governorate Тобольская г. Tobolskaya g. 1796 1919
Tomsk Governorate Томская г. Tomskaya g. 1804 1925
Tula Governorate Тульская г. Tul'skaya g. 1796 1929
Tver Governorate Тверская г. Tverskaya g. 1796 1929
Ufa Governorate Уфимская г. Ufimskaya g. 1865 1922
Vilna Governorate Виленская г. Vilenskaya g. 1795 1915
Vitebsk Governorate Витебская г. Vitebskaya g. 1802 1924
Vladimir Governorate Владимирская г. Vladimirskaya g. 1796 1929
Volhynian Governorate Волынская г. Volynskaya g. 1792
Vologda Governorate Вологодская г. Vologodskaya g. 1796[1] 1929[1] Northern Krai[1]
Voronezh Governorate Воронежская г. Voronezhskaya g. 1725 1928
Vyatka Governorate Вятская г. Vyatskaya g. 1796 1929
Vyborg Governorate Выборгская г. Vyborgskaya g. 1744 1812
Warsaw Governorate Варшавская г. Varshavskaya g. 1844 1917
Yaroslavl Governorate Ярославская г. Yaroslavskaya g. 1777 1929
Yekaterinoslav Governorate Екатеринославская г. Yekaterinoslavskaya g. 1802
Yeniseysk Governorate Енисейская г. Yeniseyskaya g. 1822-01-26

Grand Duchy of Finland

Governorates of the Grand Duchy of Finland during 1831-1917:

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